Uman NUH | today: 01/08/2022

Zharun Elena Vladimirovna

Zharun Elena Vladimirovna

Uman National University of Horticulture

Academic Status
PhD in Economics


#PDFTitle of ArticleJournal
1 Analysis of theoretical and methodological approaches to determining the concept of "customs regimes" , 2021
2 The essence and theoretical principles of risk management in customs affairs Issue number 98. Part 2, 2021
3 Diversification as a strategic direction for sustainable development of enterprises in the agricultural sector of the economy , 2021
4 Problems of attracting foreign investments Issue № 91. Part 2, 2017
5 Formation of an innovative project by making effective management decisions Issue number 98. Part 2, 2021
6 Foreign investment development in Ukraine Issue number 96. Part 2, 2020
7 Principles of performing foreign economic transactions and contracts , 2021
8 Analysis of economic and statistical indicators of entrepreneurship development in Ukraine Issue number 98. Part 2, 2021
9 Econometric approaches to forecasting financial support of socio-economic development of the region , 2021
10 Strategic analysis of the external environment is the basis for determining the strategic direction of the development of business structures , 2021
11 Theoretical aspect economic and mathematical model of establishing the optimal plan for the development of agricultural production in cherkasy region Issue number 97. Part 2, 2020