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Issue #85, 2014

1 Polenok A.V. Influence of methods of tillage and fertilization rates on the productivity of agricultural crops in the conditions of check irrigated systems.
UDK: 631.51:633.17, pages 130-135, downloads (544)
2 Stepenko T.A. The estimation of the general and the specific combining abilities of collection samples of source forms of sweet pepper (capsicum annuum) in a greenhouse in terms of early and total yield
UDK: 631.527.33:635.649, pages 124-129, downloads (553)
3 Chernetskyy V.M.
Vdovenko S. A.
Kostyuk O. A.
Features of formation of bean photosynthetic potential with different productivity under the conditions of Vinnytsya region
UDK: 581.132:635.65.003.13 (477.44), pages 118-123, downloads (660)
4 Svitovyy V.
Cherno O.D.
Boron in winter wheat, which is grown on podzolized black soil
UDK: 631.81.095.337: 631.453, pages 111-117, downloads (608)
5 Khakhula V.S. The influence of agro meteorological conditions on winter wheat growth and development
UDK: 633, pages 102-111, downloads (354)
6 Rozhko V.І.
Malinka L.V.
Barzo J. T.
Productivity, quality of marketable seeds and symbiotic activity of chickpea plants depending on inoculation and the use of mineral fertilizer
UDK: 633, pages 97-102, downloads (453)
7 Ovcharuk A.V. Agro-ecological characteristic of varieties of kidney beans, as well as their productivity in the conditions of Western Forest-Steppe.
UDK: 635.652/.654:631.558.3, pages 92-97, downloads (590)
8 Obrazhey S. Sowing infestation depending on the basic processing systems and levels of soil fertilization in the crop rotation in Central Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 631.46/.51.021./.582, pages 84-92, downloads (383)
9 Kalenska S.M.
Novitska N.V.
Rozhko V.І.
Malinka L.V.
Barzo J. T.
Improving sowing quality of chickpea seed with the help of nanoparticles of biogenic metals
UDK: 633, pages 79-83, downloads (566)
10 Ulich L.I.
Ulych О.L.
Karazhbey G.M.
Gryniv S.M.
Tereshchenko Y.F.
Ecological plasticity of new varieties of winter wheat in different soil and climatic conditions
UDK: 633.11.631.5, pages 73-78, downloads (1001)
11 Barat Y.M.
Kulyk M.I.
Effect of before-planting processing of planting material on the yield of potato tubers
UDK: 635.21:631.559:631.53.027, pages 69-73, downloads (408)
12 Bagan A. Influence of varietal characteristics and fertilization on yield of winter wheat
UDK: 633.11: 631.526.3: 631.8: 631.559, pages 65-68, downloads (393)
13 Puyu V. The method of morphological analysis of scientific production name as a frame of its content and relevance
UDK: 167:001.8:004.912, pages 59-65, downloads (368)
14 Plaksa V.M.
Kuts R.O.
Dybko M.I.
Dudarchuk I.S.
Kolenda O.V.
Spring wheat productivity depending on fertilization in conditions of Western Polissya of Ukraine
UDK: 633.11”321”:631.559.8, pages 55-59, downloads (739)
15 Moskalevska Yu.P.
Patyka M.V.
Functional diversity of microbiota in typical chernozem at the cultivatin of sugar beet
UDK: 631.46:631.5:633.63, pages 47-54, downloads (362)
16 Moldovan Zh.A. The formation of the productivity of forage crops of late-terms sowing and their compatible sowings with soya depending on the ways of the basic cultivation of soil and fertilization
UDK: 633.2.03:631.411, pages 40-47, downloads (475)
17 Chernobay S.V.
Rozhkov A. A.
Yields of spring barley under the influence of seeding rate and application of foliar bio-fertilization and microfertilizers
UDK: 633.16„321”: 631.559]: [631.531.048+631.816.12, pages 35-39, downloads (470)
18 Kravets І.S.
Adamenko D.M.
Harmful entomoacaricomplex of industrial plantings of apple trees in Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 634.11.:663.2593:663.1:653, pages 29-34, downloads (556)
19 Bohulska C. V. Approbation of agrobacterial transformation of sunflower by in planta method
UDK: 631.52.001.73:633.85, pages 25-29, downloads (417)
20 Dubin A.M.
Vasylenko O.V.
Environmental assessment of atmospheric air composition in the area of livestock complexes
UDK: 504.3:631.14:636.2, pages 20-25, downloads (620)
21 Poltoretskiy S.P. Features of formation of millet sowings structure depending on the term and method of sowing under the conditions of Right-Bank Forest-Steppe
UDK: 631.53.01:633.17(477.46), pages 13-19, downloads (795)
22 Pariy F.N.
Ryabovol L.O.
Ryabovol Y.S.
The approbation of methods for creation of winter rye’s hybrids using the different genetical systems of controlled reproduction
UDK: 631.527.581.143:633.14, pages 8-12, downloads (791)