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Productivity, quality of marketable seeds and symbiotic activity of chickpea plants depending on inoculation and the use of mineral fertilizer

Author(s) Rozhko V.І., , ,
Malinka L.V., , ,
Barzo J. T., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2014 issue Issue #85
pages 97-102 index UDK 633
Abstract Results of studies on the effect of fertilizers and seed inoculation on formation of yield and quality indicators of chickpea seeds of Rosanna and Triumph are presented. The development of nodules on the roots of chickpea plants is investigated and period of the highest physiological activity of the symbiotic nodule activity – beginning of plants flowering is identified. Found that the use of mineral fertilizers in norm N60P60K60 in combination with pre-sowing inoculation of seeds compared with other variants of experience maximum increases the yield of seeds with high protein and fat content.
Key words yield, seed quality, varieties under study, inoculation, nodule bacteria
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