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The method of morphological analysis of scientific production name as a frame of its content and relevance

Author(s) Puyu V., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2014 issue Issue #85
pages 59-65 index UDK 167:001.8:004.912
Abstract In this article the author is describing the epistemology and the scientific content of the morphological analysis of scientific production. Based on the example of the name of a scientific seminar, the author demonstrates the utility of this method in order to determine a priori its content and the relevance of questions concerning the application. Attention is drawn to the main morphological structures using the names of scientific products (articles, monographs, etc., in this case, reports). The fundamental morphostructures include: object, subject and slang meaning, assessing their humanitarian (meaningful) interpretation also. It is elaborated the design-flowchart with graphically-logistics module wich includes the morpho- structural components, a comparative analysis of morphostructures logistics with definition of their particularities is accomplished. As a result, the future possibility of computer utility in separation definitions and categories in order to avoid multiple choice questions on a particular issue is presumed, and the the user of computer will receive more precisely answer for the search (query). In the future the application of this method will significantly increase the productivity of electronic resources by using computer and internet system. The article ends with an a priori conclusion-prevision, the objectivity of which could be clarified posteriori, namely after the end of the seminar. This approach constitutes the quintessence of the article and, consequently, of the report.
Key words morphological analysis, agrocenoses, biopotential, programming, sort, yield
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