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Effect of before-planting processing of planting material on the yield of potato tubers

Author(s) Barat Y.M., , ,
Kulyk M.I., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2014 issue Issue #85
pages 69-73 index UDK 635.21:631.559:631.53.027
Abstract Spreading potato in production depends on crop yield and it is formed under the influence of many factors: soil and climatic conditions of the region of growing, complex of agro-technical measures and biological properties of varieties. In order to study the effect of various preparations (which are used before the planting root tubers) on the formation of crop yield, experiment with the potato variety Slavyanka was conducted. The objectives of the research were to determine the biometric indicators of potatoes and accounting of tuber yield depending on the use of preparations on planting material. Attendance, accounts and analysis were conducted according to generally accepted methodology. Influence of preparations Vympel and Fumar on formation of crop productivity was established. Combined application of this preparations, which are used before planting potato, substantially increases the biometric indicators of plants and crop yield.
Key words planting material, preparations, biometric indicators, yield, potato tubers
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