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Spring wheat productivity depending on fertilization in conditions of Western Polissya of Ukraine

Author(s) Plaksa V.M., , ,
Kuts R.O., , ,
Dybko M.I., , ,
Dudarchuk I.S., , ,
Kolenda O.V., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2014 issue Issue #85
pages 55-59 index UDK 633.11”321”:631.559.8
Abstract Spring wheat is characterized by increased insistence to growing conditions, very sensitive to high farming and fertilizer application. Modern spring wheat varieties by productivity are not inferior to other cereals. Efficiency of this crop will grow if breeds and technological features of soft and durum wheat will be counted. The objective of our research is to improve the technology of cultivation of spring wheat to produce high rates of productivity and grain quality. Field research was conducted during 2011 – 2013 in temporary experiments of department of crop breeding Volyn DSHDS ISKHZP NAAS. In the investigation single and retail introduction of various doses of mineral fertilizers at different stages of plant development were studied. Spring wheat variety Struna Myronivska was sown. The highest level of productivity was obtained by introducing R120 K120 in basic fertilization, N60 during pre-sowing cultivation and N30 to VIII and N30 on X organogenesis stage were respectively 4.25 t/ha. The growth rate of productivity from the use of an appropriate system of fertilization was 1.84 t/ha. An important influence on the physical parameters of grain quality had standard fertilization. Larger grains were formed at high doses of mineral fertilizers. The protein content in the grain under control (no fertilizer) was 11.3% and increased to 13.8% by introducing P120 K120 + N60 during pre-sowing cultivation + N30. Spring wheat under the conditions of Western Polissya of Ukraine implements biological potential at the highest level: from 2.40 to 4.25 t/ha. The highest level of productivity is formed by growing on the background P120 K120 + N60 during pre-sowing cultivation + N30 ear formation + N30 – 4.25 t/ha.
Key words spring wheat, yield, gluten, protein, weight of 1000 grains, grain nature
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