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Features of formation of bean photosynthetic potential with different productivity under the conditions of Vinnytsya region

Author(s) Chernetskyy V.M., , ,
Vdovenko S. A., , ,
Kostyuk O. A., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2014 issue Issue #85
pages 118-123 index UDK 581.132:635.65.003.13 (477.44)
Abstract The results of studies on accomulation of photosynthetic potential depending on phase of growth and development of plant and the dependence of yield on bean vegetable crops, biometric parameters and their influence on the beans yield inder the conditions of Vinnytsya region. In plants of the variety of domestic selection Karadag, the formation of yield was higher and an increase of photosynthetic potential is observed.
Key words photosynthetic potential, yield, correlation coefficient
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