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Issue number 91. Part 1, 2017

1 Hospodarenko G.M.
Tsygoda V.S.
Prokopchuk I.V.
Depth of main plowing and fertilizer systems as a factor of influence on the weediness of sugar beet sowings and its productivity
UDK: 631.51:631.8:632.51:633.63:003.13, pages 7-18, downloads (624)
UDK: 631.8, pages 7-18, downloads (550)
3 Melnyk O.V.
Drozd O.O.
Melnyk I.O.
Changing the physical parameters of Golden Delicious apples treated with ethylene inhibitor after harvest, depending on the type of orchard and harvest date
UDK: 57.018.5:634.11:631.811.98:664.8.03, pages 28-36, downloads (392)
4 Kononenko L.M.
Poltoretskiy S.P.
Yatsenko A.A.
Yield and agrocenosis productivity elements of spring false flax depending on its density
UDK: 631.53.048:631.559:582.683.2(477.46), pages 36-46, downloads (298)
5 Lubych V.V. Confectionery properties of spelt grain depending on the variety origin and line
UDK: 664.6/.7:631.526.3, pages 46-54, downloads (698)
6 Vasylkivskyi S.P.
Hudzenko V.M.
Diallel analysis of the genetic control of spike length in spring barley modern varieties
UDK: 631.527.541.2:633.16, pages 54-64, downloads (586)
7 Hospodarenko G.M.
Tsygoda V.S.
Depth of main plowing and fertilizer systems as a factor of influence on the weediness of sugar beet sowings and its productivity
UDK: 631.51:631.8:632.51:633.63:003.13, pages 64-74, downloads (425)
8 Osokina N.M.
Hospodarenko G.M.
Herasymchuk O.P.
Effect on power mode technological parameters of wheat varieties Podolyanka
UDK: 631. 8. 022. 3, pages 74-83, downloads (681)
9 Samoylik M.S. Scientific framework of integrated estimation of resource and environmental safety management, taking into account regional features
UDK: 504.06, pages 83-92, downloads (289)
10 Tokar A.Yu.
Voysechovskiy V. I.
The selection of active dry yeast race for production of apple unfortified wine materials
UDK: 663.3, pages 92-100, downloads (474)
11 Martynyuk A.T. Effect of fertilizers and pre preceding crops on the productivity of sugar beet in the podzolized chernozem of Right-bank Forest-Steppe
UDK: 631.8 : 631.582 : 633.63 : 003.13, pages 100-108, downloads (460)
12 Makarchuk M.O. Productivity and adaptive capacity of maize hybrids, depending on the genotype of the maternal component
UDK: 575.826:631.555, pages 108-121, downloads (290)
13 Ulyanych I.F.
Kostetska K.V.
Development of mixed fodders recipes
UDK: 636.085.55:636.3.043:639.211, pages 121-129, downloads (1170)
14 Polishchuk V.V.
Balabak A.F.
Velychko Y.A.
L.M. Karpuk
Interaction of yield and quality of sugar beet seeds
UDK: 633.63:631.531.12.631.53.02, pages 129-136, downloads (387)
15 Furmanets M.H.
Furmanets Yu.S.
Effectiveness of Humate Potassium in the Cultivation of Winter Wheat and Maize for Grai
UDK: 631.89:633.1, pages 136-141, downloads (1)
16 Gurskyi I.M. The state and prospects of qualitative water supply of population and agricultural animals in private households
UDK: 591.133.14:637, pages 141-149, downloads (348)
17 Didenko I.A. Adaptive ability of petiole celery varieties in the conditions of right-bank forest-steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 57.017.3:635.53(477.4), pages 149-156, downloads (432)
18 Dubin A.M.
Vasylenko O.V.
Monitoring of Nitrate Pollution of Vegetables in the Markets of Uman
UDK: 504.064.3:632.155:635(477.46), pages 156-164, downloads (506)
19 Manko A.A.
Kyzhanjvskiy V.G.
Study of economic-price and morphological characters of roots of breeding materials chicory root Сichorium intybys l.
UDK: 633.78:631.527:581.4, pages 164-172, downloads (359)
20 Novak Zh.M. The level of wheat breeding in Ukraine in 2017
UDK: 631.526.3:633.11, pages 172-180, downloads (307)
21 Parfeniuk O.
Баланюк Л.О.
Features inheritance of series quantitative traits of sugar-fodder hybrids in breeding line pollinators O-type in root crops form
UDK: 631.527:633.63, pages 180-187, downloads (268)
22 Prokopchuk I.V.
Nikitina O.V.
Ecological and agrochemical evaluation of long-term application of potassium fertilizers in field crop rotation
UDK: 631.839, pages 187-195, downloads (426)
23 Efficiency of varieties of arugula in the Forest in Ukraine
UDK: 635.41: 631.55, pages 195-202, downloads (540)
24 Ryabovol L.O.
Ryabovol Y.S.
Evaluation of resistance created samples of winter soft wheat to diseases in terms of Right-Bank Forest-steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 633.11: 631.527 , pages 202-210, downloads (247)
25 Tsygoda V.S. Ecological assessment of the depth of basic plowing and fertilizer systems on changes in agrophysical soil properties
UDK: 631.95:631.51:631.8:631.43, pages 210-218, downloads (401)
26 Borysenko V.V. Influence of row spacing and planting density on husk content, weight and nature of sunflower achenes
UDK: 631.543.2:631.53.04:631.576.4:633.854.78, pages 218-226, downloads (363)
27 Yezerkovskyi A.V. Influence of different technological measures of organic production grain culture on torphic soils
UDK: 631.14:631.51, pages 226-236, downloads (426)
28 Ryabovol L.O. Establishment and assessment the starting material for breeding, confectionary sunflower hybrids direction of use
UDK: 631.527.5:633.85:664, pages 236-244, downloads (387)
29 Rassadina I.Y. The balance of the soil nutrient in different forms, doses and methods of application of mineral fertilizers in growing of false flax spring
UDK: 631.8 : 633.85, pages 244-250, downloads (515)
30 Kravchenko V. S. Yield and adaptability of the potential of soybean varieties under the conditions of the Forest-steppe of the Western
UDK: 631.8.632.633.34, pages 250-259, downloads (930)
31 Mamchur T.V. The life and career of the outstanding horticulturist and academician Vasyl Pashkevych (1857-1939)
UDK: 634.1:001.8(092), pages 259-269, downloads (497)
32 Eshchenko V.O.
Karnaukh O.B.
Contribution of Rubin S.S. and his followers to the development of national arable farming
UDK: 631.4 : 378, pages 269-277, downloads (249)
33 Mamchur T.V. A smile carried throughun the life
UDK: , pages , downloads (363)