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Scientific framework of integrated estimation of resource and environmental safety management, taking into account regional features

Author(s) Samoylik M.S., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2017 issue Issue number 91. Part 1
pages 83-92 index UDK 504.06
Abstract A problem of providing of resource-ecological safety, increase of efficiency of the naturally-economic potential use of territory is one of priority for every region of Ukraine. Therefore in the article it is worked out and scientifically reasonable methodological principles of estimation of resource-ecological safety in the region. It consists in the calculation of three-component index that takes into account ecological safety of regional economy, level of ecological risk on the basis of a priori choice of model of relations "man-environment", and level resources proceeding in the region. The methodological basis of the study were the results of basic and applied research in the field of physical economy, ecological economics, of the concept of sustainable development. The results of research allowed to form conceptual principles of providing of resource-ecological safety in the regions of Ukraine, oriented to the increase of efficiency of territory naturally-economic potential use on the basis of solid wastes capitalization and minimization of their negative influence. Practical meaningfulness of work consists in optimization of strategy of providing of resource-ecological safety in a region, realization of that will allow: to improve competitiveness of region; to get an additional profit from secondary resources; to save primary resources and improve their quality; to turn muddy earth in economic turnover of region; to decrease a risk to the health of population from negative influence of wastes; to provide maintenance and proceeding in the natural environment of region.
Key words resource-ecological safety, region, secondary resources, solid wastes
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