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The balance of the soil nutrient in different forms, doses and methods of application of mineral fertilizers in growing of false flax spring

Author(s) Rassadina I.Y., postgraduate, , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category The Agronomy
year 2017 issue Issue number 91. Part 1
pages 244-250 index UDK 631.8 : 633.85
Abstract Are presented calculations balance elements of the nutrition for growing of false flax spring for three years in the growing season depending on the form, dose, timing and methods of application of fertilizers on chernozem podzolized. The balance of nitrogen removing the straw from the field of was almost the in all variants the negative, and only for a making P60K60+N120 and P60K60+N30+N60 in fertilizer was positive and amounted to respectively +17,4 and +7,5 kg/ha. The balance of phosphorus, except for variants without application phosphate fertilizers as a removing the straw from the field of or without its removal was positive as false flax spring is characterized by its a relatively removal of insignificant. When the straw left on the field of potassium balance in variants P60K60, P60+N60 was negative in all other cases it was positive. The balance of potassium removing the straw from the field was in all variants the negative and varied in the range (–1.2) – (–69.4) kg/ha. The utilization factor of elements of the nutrition plants of false flax spring of fertilizer is changing depending on the dosage and type of application. With increasing doses of nitrogenous fertilizers from 30 to 120 kg/ha d. с. Ratio of nitrogen use is reduced from 43 to 23 %. The utilization of phosphorus and potassium in the embodiments P60K60+N60 and P60K60+N60S70 respectively amounted to 12–14%, and 21–23.
Key words rye spring, mineral fertilizers, balance, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium
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