Uman NUH | today: 04/12/2024

Polishchuk V.V.

Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine


#PDFTitle of ArticleJournal
1 Study on economic character and germination ability of seeds of many-seeded pollinator of sugar beet under low temperatures Issue #82, 2013
2 Features of forest crops creation of the ordinary oak in the conditions of forest tract «Bilohrudivka» of ESPD of Uman NUH Issue № 93. Part 1, 2018
3 Historical aspects of selection and genetic improvement of rose varieties 89, 2016
4 Evaluation of varieties (Citrus limon L.) according to economic and biological characteristics Issue number 98. Part 1, 2021
5 Selection of nutrient medium for sugar beet CMS component introduction and proliferation Issue #86, 2014
6 Representatives of the genus Vaccinium L. and its species diversity 88, 2016
7 Influence of different quality elite seeds of hybrids MS components on sowing qualities of sugar beet hybrid seeds Issue #84, 2014
8 Evaluation of bulbs of introduced varieties of tulip (Tulipa L.) for storage in the conditions of right bank forest steppe of Ukraine Issue 100. Part 1, 2022
9 Indicators of phytomass components of wood greens Pinus sylvestris L. in conditions of steppe Dnipro region of Ukraine 88, 2016
10 Phenological features of growth and development of introduced varieties Chaenomeles Lindl in the conditions of the Right-bank Forest-steppe of Ukraine Issue № 92. Part 1, 2018
11 Historical aspects, morphological-biological and agro-technological features of cultivation of tulip varieties (Tulipa (L.) for the purpose of further use in gardening Issue number 97. Part 1, 2020
12 Field germination of seeds depending on laboratory and pre-sowing treatment of seeds with biological preparations Issue number 102. Part 1, 2023
13 Interaction of yield and quality of sugar beet seeds Issue number 91. Part 1, 2017
14 Propagation by grafting of the genus Prunus L. introduced genotypes for further use in mono-gardens Issue number 103. Part 1, 2023
15 Evaluation of prunus l. cultivated in ukraine by pollen-forming capacity Issue 100. Part 1, 2022
16 Evaluation of Callistephus chinensis (L.) Ness. genotypes according to agronomic and biological features for landscaping purposes Issue number 90. Part 1, 2017