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Phenological features of growth and development of introduced varieties Chaenomeles Lindl in the conditions of the Right-bank Forest-steppe of Ukraine

Author(s) Velychko Y.A., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Polishchuk V.V., , , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Mykolayko V.P., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2018 issue Issue № 92. Part 1
pages 198-206 index UDK 634.141: 581.543:635.925
Abstract For the first time in the conditions of the Right-bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine, the eco-biological peculiarities of five varieties of chaenomeles of foreign selection: 'Yukigoten', 'Pink Lady', 'Rubra', 'Orange Trail', 'Vesuvius' were thoroughly analyzed. In the article the terms of the beginning and the passage of the main phenological phases of the chaenomeles varieties development under the conditions of introduction are investigated and the winter hardiness of the varieties according to the main indices is determined. The use of the investigated Chaenomeles Lindl varieties in gardening under the conditions of urban conglomerations is described. It should be emphasized that the studied varieties of Chaenomeles Lindl pass through all the phenological phases of development under the introduction into the conditions of the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine. They are characterized by the close timing of the certain phases, such as, the timing of the beginning and end of vegetation, the growth of shoots, flowering, ripening of fruits. Phenological observations of chaenomeles varieties showed that cracking of generative buds occurs in the average daily air temperature of 7-10 ° C. During the years of research, the mass passage of this phase occurred in the second decade of March. Non-simultaneous cracking of generative buds was noticed: first the buds on the lower shoots opened and on the upper ones a little later. As a result of the conducted studies, it was established that in the conditions of the Right-bank Forest-steppe of Ukraine, the flowering of chaenomeles began on April 20-25 in average daily air temperature of 12-14 ° C and a sum of effective temperatures of 170 ° C. The duration of flowering lasted from 30 to 40 days and it depended on the temperature and air humidity. The linear growth of shoots begins during the mass flowering of plants and ends in arid years in the first ten days of July, with sufficient moisture - in the beginning of August. According to the phenological observations of varieties under investigation, fruit ripening lasts from September 10 to October 8. Studies of winter hardiness of varieties of chaenomeles showed that in the absence of snow cover under frosts down to -23 ° C some plants froze, but the same temperature decrease with a significant snow cover did not cause significant damage to plants. All the studied varieties of chaenomeles can be referred to as winter-hardy. Chaenomeles can be used to create a variety of composition elements of landscape design. Groups, bosquets, hedges, as well as single plantings with the use of a chaenomeles are attractive.
Key words chaenomeles (Chaenomeles Lindl.), introduction, acclimatization, phenological observations, garden and park compositions.
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