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Issue #86, 2014

1 Ulych О.L. Reaction of new varieties of winter wheat at the time of renewal soft spring vegetation in the central part of the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe
UDK: 631׃633׃1.11, pages 235-240, downloads (536)
2 Hareba V.
Unuchko A.
Influence of age cluster okra seedlings on growth, development and productivity fruits in area of Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 635.648:631.5, pages 229-234, downloads (684)
3 Hrytsaenko Z.M.
Pidan L. F.
State and photosynthetic pigment system of sunflower for the actions of herbicides Fyuzilad forte 150, Dual Gold 960 and plant growth regulator Radostim
UDK: 633.85:632.954:661.162.6, pages 221-228, downloads (702)
4 Datsenko A. A. Microbiological activity of rhizosphere of buckwheat by the actions of bacterialpreparations of diazobakteryn and regulatorof plants’ growth Radostym
UDK: 631.427.2: 661.162.6:633.12, pages 215-220, downloads (653)
5 Ryabovol Y.S.
Pariy F.N.
Ryabovol L.O.
Zabolotna I.R.
Diordieva I.
Hybrid wheat: challenges, opportunities, benefits, prospects
UDK: 631.527.581.143:633.11, pages 210-214, downloads (1321)
6 Morgun I.A. Growing of miscanthus for planting material in drip irrigation
UDK: 662.63:002.54, pages 204-209, downloads (725)
7 Veklenko Y.A.
Kovtun K.P.
Yashchuk V.A.
Bezvuhliak L.I.
Biological effectiveness of creating and using forage perennial agrophytocenoses under Right Bank Steppes
UDK: 633.2: 631.584.5, pages 196-204, downloads (580)
8 Grynchak O.V.
Davletkhanova O.H.
Mykhaylyshyna L.V.
Control problem of physiological state of fruit plantations in the Microsoft Excel environment
UDK: 004.02:634.1:632, pages 185-195, downloads (566)
9 Khomenko S.O.
Ferorenko M.V.
Expression patterns of morphological parameters of lodging resistance in spring durum wheat F1 hybrids
UDK: 633. 112.1:632.16, pages 180-184, downloads (413)
10 Khomenko S.O.
Fedorenko I.V.
Solona V.J.
Index parameters and their variability in сollection samples of bread spring wheat
UDK: 633. 11 „321”:631.524, pages 174-179, downloads (504)
11 Yablonska V.V. Influence of cultivation technology elements on yield formation of blue lupine cultivators in terms of Western Polissia of Ukraine
UDK: 633.367:631.8:581.138.1, pages 167-173, downloads (404)
12 Yurchenko T. V.
Voloshchuk S. I.
Influence of mutagenic factors on grain weight of the main spike in hybrid populations of winter bread wheat
UDK: 633.11:631.528, pages 159-167, downloads (382)
13 Dudarchuk I.S. Economic and energetic efficiency of winter rape cultivators growing in Western Polissia In ukraine
UDK: 633.853.494"324":631.16(477.82), pages 153-159, downloads (500)
14 Manko A.A.
Pinchkovskiy G.L.
Novak Y.W.
Biomorphology signs of plant chicory root
UDK: 633.63:631.52:616, pages 147-153, downloads (787)
15 Klymenko N. M. Impact of bacterization and sodding by perennial grasses on dynamics of major nutrients and organic matter content in the soil of the vineyard
UDK: 631.4:634.8:579.64, pages 141-146, downloads (562)
16 Chaikovska L.A.
Klyuchenko V.V.
Оvsienko О.L.
The action of bacterization on the мікrовiоcеnоsis of winter wheat rhizosphere by heavy metalls pollution of soil
UDK: 631.461:631.484, pages 136-141, downloads (425)
17 Puzik L.М.
Bondarenko V.А.
Cabbage broccoli damage caused by diseases during its storage depending on processing with the preparation of askorutin
UDK: 635.356 – 2:631.563, pages 131-135, downloads (514)
18 Tereshchenko Y.F. Placement of corn seeds in the seed bed and its influence on sprouts formation
UDK: 633.15:631.К53.01:003.13:631.5471, pages 128-131, downloads (373)
19 Poberezhets I.I.
Poberezhets V.I.
Poberezhets I.I.
Definition of alcohol content and extract in the wines by the method of two parameters
UDK: 663.3, pages 122-128, downloads (1202)
20 Rozhkov A. A. Variability of grain mass spike spring triticale depending on the effect of seeding rate and seeding method
UDK: 631.531.04+631.816.12:631.559:633.11 “321”, pages 113-122, downloads (404)
21 Royk M.
Kuznetchova I.
Hetman M.
Difine of basic indexes technological estimation of sheets of stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertonі)
UDK: 633.3:658.562, pages 107-113, downloads (649)
22 Dubin A.M.
Vasylenko O.V.
Utilization of organic residues as the solution to environmental problems of agriculture
UDK: 64.066.4:63, pages 101-107, downloads (825)
23 Novak A. Agrometeorological conditions 2013–2014 agricultural year meteorological station Uman
UDK: 551.5:477.46, pages 96-100, downloads (660)
24 Eschenko A. V.
Bohonko O. A.
Economic and biological characteristics of simple interlinear hybrids of maize breeding Uman national university of horticulture
UDK: 633.15:631.52, pages 90-96, downloads (474)
25 Trush S.G.
Balanyuk L.O.
Tatarchuk V.M.
Inwinter crops of sugar beet use of parental components of hybrids in basis CMS selection
UDK: 631.527:633.63, pages 84-90, downloads (706)
26 Trush S.G. Ways and methods of sugar beet hybrids creating with improved technological quality of raw materials
UDK: 631.527:633.63, pages 79-84, downloads (497)
27 Polishchuk V.V.
Polischuk O.V.
L.M. Karpuk
Selection of nutrient medium for sugar beet CMS component introduction and proliferation
UDK: 633.63:631.531.12.631.53.02, pages 72-79, downloads (495)
28 Polishchuk T.V.
Balanyuk L.O.
Tatarchuk V.M.
Methods of creating and ways of using linear materials of monoseed fodder beet in breeding for heterosis
UDK: 631.527:633.416, pages 67-72, downloads (627)
29 Malijenko A.M.
Olepir R.V.
The impact of technology elements оn a competitive relationship and level of harmfulness of weeds in soybean crops
UDK: 631.5:633.34:632.51, pages 61-66, downloads (363)
30 Mashchak Ya.
Kobirenko Yu.
Botanical composition of degraded grass depending on the fertilization system
UDK: 633.2.033:633.2.031, pages 57-61, downloads (366)
31 Zamorska I.L. The influence of the type of package on the qualitative indicators of frozen strawberries
UDK: 664.8.037:634.75, pages 52-57, downloads (679)
32 Poltoretskiy S.P. Optimization of sowing methods and sowing rates in millet sowings
UDK: 631.53.01:633.17(477.46), pages 44-51, downloads (743)
33 Osokina N.M.
Kostetska K.V.
Yevchuk Y.V.
Technological properties of of maize hybrid PR39B58
UDK: 664.788:633.16, pages 37-43, downloads (1225)
34 Chaploutskyi A.M.
Melnyk O.V.
Apple-tree crown light exposure depending on the method and the term of the pruning
UDK: 634.11:631.542:631.17(477.4), pages 32-36, downloads (495)
35 Diordieva I.
Pariy F.N.
Using of morfological sings of rye for selection wheat-rye chromosome substitution forms of triticale
UDK: 631.527:575:633.1, pages 25-31, downloads (476)
36 Krykunov I. V.
Kravets І.S.
Bio-ecological peculiarities of development of an apple fruit sawfly (Hoplocampa testudinea Klug.) of the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 632.7, pages 18-24, downloads (463)
37 Hospodarenko G.M.
Lysianskyi O. L.
Influence types and doses of mineral fertilizers on the yield culture green manure in the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe
UDK: 631.893:631.874.2 (477.46), pages 13-17, downloads (561)
38 Denysyuk V. M.
Eshchenko V.O.
Reaction to wheat spring minimization of autumn tillage after spring rape
UDK: 633.11: 631.51, pages 7-12, downloads (460)