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Index parameters and their variability in сollection samples of bread spring wheat

Author(s) Khomenko S.O., , ,
Fedorenko I.V., , ,
Solona V.J., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2014 issue Issue #86
pages 174-179 index UDK 633. 11 „321”:631.524
Abstract Breeding indices are ones of the common methods of improving efficiency of breeding selections with additional information on secondary marker traits, so our study aimed at evaluating and identifying collection samples of bread spring wheat by breeding indices. Resulted from the studies collection samples of bread spring wheat, namely, Aranka, Kharkivs’ka 34, Prohresyvna, Kvorum, Kharkivs’ka 26 (UKR), Ekada 43, YuV 2, L 501, L 503, Lavrusha (RUS), Zuzana (CZE), Bruncka (DEU), Окlі (CAN), CMSS96М0287S (MEX), Kenya Nyangumi (KEN) have been identified for index of prospect, finno-scandinavian, mexican, Bila Tserkva, and Poltava indices and are recommended as initial material in breeding process for the performance. Correlations between yield and selection indices have been analyzed and it has been found the strength of relation between them being different and ranging from moderate to strong. This suggests that breeding indices are informative characteristics being suitable for use in breeding practice, particularly for field selection of high performance genotypes.
Key words bread spring wheat, collection samples, breeding indices, variability, correlation
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