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Botanical composition of degraded grass depending on the fertilization system

Author(s) Mashchak Ya., , ,
Kobirenko Yu., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2014 issue Випуск №86. Частина 1
pages 57-61 index UDK 633.2.033:633.2.031
Abstract An important factor in increasing the yield of crops and soil conservation is the use of fertilizers. System fertilizer legume-grass swards is composed mainly of the application of phosphate and potash fertilizers. Because the security of soil mobile phosphorus and exchangeable potassium is one of the most important factors for normal growth and development of legumes, the development of nodule bacteria and their activity. With enough content in the soil available phosphorus enhanced the development of the root system of plants, increasing the number of root hairs, and consequently, increases the accumulation of nodule bacteria. Phosphorus-potassium fertilizers prevent damage to plant cells by low temperature by regulating water balance, increases the resistance of tissues to mechanical damage. The disadvantage soil phosphorus limits plant growth while reducing overall productivity. Productivity depends on the meadow agrocenosis provide plants with nitrogen. The aim of our study was the restoration of degraded herbage by direct sowing perennial grasses in undeveloped turf with the use of mineral fertilizer and growth stimulator. A record harvest, the determination of Botanical composition, structure and density of the sward was performed according to the method of the Institute of forage UAAS. Botanical composition of the grass – one of major indicators of forage quality. The grass was restored on the system zero tillage, with sowing in the sward of perennial leguminous grasses, was revealed in a total of sufficiently high saturation legume species. The percentage of legumes in the restored herbage on average over three years of research ranged 40 – 58% in the first cut, 45 – 56% in the second and 41 – 54% in the third. In all mixtures the use of complete mineral fertilization contributed to the increase in the share cereals species of herbs. Phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, on the contrary, it is better effect the growth and development of legumes.
Key words herbage, yield,mixtures, agro-ecosystem, botanical composition
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