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Inwinter crops of sugar beet use of parental components of hybrids in basis CMS selection

Author(s) Trush S.G., , ,
Balanyuk L.O., , ,
Tatarchuk V.M., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2014 issue Issue #86
pages 84-90 index UDK 631.527:633.63
Abstract At the present stage of development of agricultural science capacity issues and trends selective use of sugar beet in winter conditions in Right-Bank Forest-steppes of Ukraine, development of growing technologies of plants in autumn and spring and summer growing season has not been sufficiently studied. Due to the harsh agro-climatic conditions of the central part of Ukraine, recommendations for sugar beet seed growing without sprouting in the southern parts of Ukraine are not completely suitable for our area. Therefore, the influence of the timing of planting and seed seeding of sugar beet plants, their hardiness and times of onset phase stemming, budding, flowering, seed formation and maturation is quite important topics of our researches. It is established that seed hardiness without sprouting more depends precisely on sowing time than seeding. Study of the dynamics of plant sugar beets in the autumn sowing for 30th of August is shows that the average mass the density of roots by 10 – 11 pc. plant in 1 m of line before hibernation was 18.2 g for 15 – 16 pieces. 1 m – 17.6 g, 20 – 21 pc. — 16.7 g contrary plant height was highest for 20 – 21 plant density on the 1st line. By late sowing period (September 10) the mass of roots under ranged and was less depending on stand density of plants. We found out that a decrease in seed rate is increased weight and length of root and its diameter of head. Agrobiological evaluation of plant development in 2nd year of vegetation during their flowering is shows that over 90% of seed, regardless of the timing of planting, characterized the first type of structure bush and had only one explicit stem. The remaining seed were the second type and the third type – non-existent. During the research years (2012 – 2014) blossom of sugar beet seed plants is occurred in early June. This gives the opportunity for breeders to have in the second decade of June to assess fixing sterility (O types) and their CMS counterparts (CMS line) on the grounds of "pollen sterility-fertility" and "fruitful seed." The average of sample calculation was 350 – 400 pieces plant selection of numbers. Also, various forms of insulators (turntables, pair, group) using is held hybridization and intsuhtuvannya of plants for seed obtained without sprouting scheme. Material costs for research of this type, as opposed to using selection and greenhouse complex, reduced three times. The results is confirming the sugar beet inwinter crops use in the conditions of Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine as an effective method of accelerating the selection process for the creation of high-productivity hybrids on the CMS basis. Found that the most optimal plant growth and good their wintering is provided by sowing in August 30 and seeding seed of 30 pcs. / m. The increase hardiness of sugar beet crops is promotes late autumn hilling plants to the level of heads of root and rational layout of the terrain (natural protection forest belts, or other plantings, especially on the north side).
Key words inwinter crop, sugar beet, hybrid, seeding rate, hardiness
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