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Issue № 91. Part 2, 2017

1 Nepochatenko Olena O.
Vlasyuk S.A.
Bondarenko N.V.
Reality and prospects of bank lending
UDK: 336.71, pages 6-14, downloads (621)
2 Shkolnyi O.O. The development of “green” logistics in the European cities
UDK: 338.49:502.315:658.7, pages 14-22, downloads (550)
3 Nepochatenko Olena O.
Bechko P.K.
Barabash L.V.
Features of development and functioning of the credit market in Ukraine
UDK: 336. (477), pages 22-32, downloads (368)
4 Prokopchuk O.T.
Melnyk К. М.
Huzar B.S.
Features of insurance products for the agricultural sector of the economy
UDK: 368:368.5.631(477) , pages 32-44, downloads (658)
5 Banyeva I. O. Grain products subcomplex of Black sea region: status and prospects of development
UDK: 338.439:664.71:330.3(477.7), pages 44-53, downloads (196)
6 Bechko P.K.
Lysa N.V.
Popychenko D.A.
Theroleof financial policy in the management system of the current assets of agrarian sector business entities
UDK: 631.16:658.153, pages 53-65, downloads (358)
7 Bondarenko N.V.
Vlasyuk S.A.
Korneha A.O.
The role of loan in the system of the expanded reproduction of entities of the agricultural sector
UDK: 336. 77., pages 65-75, downloads (614)
8 Borovyk P.M.
Slipchenko V.V.
Transformation of a charging mechanism of a uniform tax for small and agricultural businesses
UDK: 336.226.1: 631.16, pages 75-86, downloads (404)
9 Prokopchuk O.T. Current state and development trends of the system of insurance of agricultural crops in Ukraine
UDK: 368:368.54(477), pages 86-100, downloads (583)
10 Tulush L.D. Kvaziakumulyatsiya VAT as a tool to stimulate the development of priority types of agricultural activities
UDK: 336.22 : 631.16, pages 100-120, downloads (782)
11 Zharun E. V. Problems of attracting foreign investments
UDK: 339.727.22 (477), pages 120-128, downloads (603)
12 Kolotukha S.M.
Bechko V.P.
Melnyk К. М.
The mechanism of improving of bank crediting of agricultural enterprises
UDK: 631.893:631.874.2, pages 128-143, downloads (444)
13 Lozova O.A.
Mamotenko D.Y.
Current state and development trends in the sanatorium and resort industry in Ukraine
UDK: 338.484, pages 143-152, downloads (1049)
14 Kharenko A.A.
Tsymbaliuk Y.A.
The state and ways of vegetables marketing improvement in agricultural enterprises
UDK: 631.1.027:631.115.13:635.1/.8, pages 152-162, downloads (371)