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Current state and development trends in the sanatorium and resort industry in Ukraine

Author(s) Lozova O.A., , ,
Mamotenko D.Y., Candidate of Economics Sciences, , Zaporizhzhya National Technical University
Category Economics
year 2017 issue Issue № 91. Part 2
pages 143-152 index UDK 338.484
Abstract Sanatorium and resort industry of Ukraine is a very complex and multi-purpose segment of the market. As part of the health system, it is aimed at preserving and multiplying human capital, restoring the working capacity of the population. On the other hand, it is a component of the tourism industry, whose goal is to generate income, replenish budgets of all levels, create a highly competitive product on the world market. The purpose of the study is to determine the current state and trends in the development of the sanatorium and resort industry in Ukraine. Theoretical and methodological basis of the study were scientific works of domestic and foreign scientists. The paper used such methods: synthesis, systematic approach, analysis. Today in Ukraine there is an extensive network of sanatorium and health resorts, whose role is significantly increased. After all, the activities of sanatorium establishments help to preserve and restore the health of the population - the main wealth of the nation. According to the generally accepted classification in Ukraine there are all kinds of resorts: balneological, climatic, mud, resorts with several curative factors. The development of the spa industry should include several areas: improving the financial and economic mechanisms for the functioning of the resort potential and maximizing the satisfaction of the population's needs through the creation of an efficient market for sanatorium and spa services and comprehensive promotion of competitiveness of the regional institutions, through denationalization and privatization, And medical-diagnostic base, optimization of the management system of these Institutions. In recent years, as a result of the impact of a number of factors, the indicators characterizing the functioning of sanatorium and health resorts have significantly decreased. It was found that the following factors influenced the decrease in the indicators: economic and political and financial instability in the country, military operations on part of the territory of the state, rising prices, increasing unemployment, and limited solvency of the population. To eliminate the negative factors in the development of the sanatorium and resort industry, it is advisable: to implement state social policy to further improve the level and quality of life of the population; Create a favorable investment climate for the investor; To balance the price policy and the quality of basic and additional sanatorium-and-spa services.
Key words tourism, sanatorium and resort industry, sanatorium establishments, health institutions, development, dynamics, factors
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