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88, 2016

1 Титульна сторінка і зміст
UDK: , pages , downloads (286)
2 Hospodarenko G.M.
Lysianskyi O. L.
Recycling of biogenic elements in the soil under different green manures and their fertilization
UDK: 631.893:631.874.2, pages 7-16, downloads (1107)
3 Hrytsaenko Z.M.
Pidan L. F.
State of sunflower enzyme system by using herbicide Fusilad Forte 150 and plant growth regulator Radostim
UDK: 633.854.78:631.544, pages 16-23, downloads (589)
4 Kucherenko E.P.
Bielik Ya.
Tatarchuk V.M.
Assessment of cms hybrids of sugar beet on the tolerance to cercosporosis
UDK: 633.63:631.527, pages 23-31, downloads (562)
5 Raspopina S. P.
Degtyarev V. V.
Effective use of soils transferred for afforestation
UDK: 631.452:631.413.3, pages 31-39, downloads (536)
6 Hospodarenko G.M.
Prokopchuk I.V.
Prokopchuk S.V.
Rassadina I.Y.
Efficiency of applying sulfuric fertilizers for field crops on podzolized chernozem
UDK: 631.81.095.337, pages 39-46, downloads (770)
7 Ulyanych O.I.
Slobodianyk H. Ya.
Ternavskiy A.G.
Voysechovskiy V. I.
Efficiency of seedling and nonseedling methods of growing leek varieties under conditions of the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 635.261, pages 46-53, downloads (719)
8 Hrytsaenko Z.M.
Ivasiuk I.I.
Development of free–living rhizosphere nitrogen–fixers of soybean by using biologically active preparations
UDK: 633.34:537.4:631.461.5, pages 53-60, downloads (559)
9 Polevoy V.M.
Kulyk C.M.
Formation of soybean photosynthetic apparatus depending on fertilization and liming after-effect
UDK: 633.34:541.144.7:631.81:631.821.1, pages 60-67, downloads (660)
10 Rozborska L.V.
Leontiuk I.B.
Holodryga O.V.
Zabolotnyy O.I.
Crop capacity and economic efficiency of winter wheat growing depending on applying of different rates of herbicides separately and together with plant growth regulators
UDK: 632.954:631.811.98:633.11, pages 67-77, downloads (542)
11 Royk M.
Kuznetchova I.
Mathematical model of stevia post-harvest processing
UDK: 633.3:658.562, pages 77-83, downloads (694)
12 Poltoretskiy S.P.
Savranska L.M.
Influence of pecularities of primary cultivation on its agrophysical indicators of fertility and water regime when growing spring rape
UDK: 631.51.021:633.85, pages 83-93, downloads (722)
13 Sliusar I.T.
Bogatyr L.V.
Corn yields for grain depending on the basic processing and fertilizing on drained organic soils of Forest Steppe
UDK: 631.615:633.853.34, pages 93-100, downloads (668)
14 Trush S.G.
Parfeniuk O.
Баланюк Л.О.
Creation and assessment of the genetic potential of multi-sprout pollinators of hybrid origin in the selection of the CMS hybrids of sugar beet
UDK: 631.527:633.63, pages 100-106, downloads (680)
15 Furmanets M.H.
Furmanets Yu.S.
Impact of biological preparations on buckwheat crop productivity
UDK: 633.12:631.86, pages 106-111, downloads (630)
16 Osokina N.M.
Kostetska K.V.
Technological estimation of grain varieties of barley, wheat and triticale for cereal production
UDK: 664.786.3:664.7, pages 111-126, downloads (641)
17 Lybchenko I.O.
Ryabovol L.O.
Lyubchenko A.I.
Using in vitro methods in adaptive selection of plant (literature review)
UDK: 575.827, pages 126-139, downloads (1052)
18 Balabak O.A.
Lubych V.V.
Yield and quality of hazelnuts depending on the variety
UDK: 634.54:631.559, pages 139-145, downloads (751)
19 Haskevych V.G.
Lutsyshyn O.Z.
Bulk chemical composition of sod-podzolic soils of Nadsianska plain
UDK: 911.9:502:631.4(477.83), pages 145-156, downloads (833)
20 Eschenko A. V.
Manko A.A.
Global trends of bioethanol production and using sugar beet and rhizocarpous chicory as raw materials in Ukraine
UDK: 338.432:620.952.003.13:663.63(477):663.941.3, pages 156-164, downloads (712)
21 Lovinska V.N.
Maslikova K.P.
Balabak A.F.
Polishchuk V.V.
Indicators of phytomass components of wood greens Pinus sylvestris L. in conditions of steppe Dnipro region of Ukraine
UDK: 582.736.3:630.228 (292.486), pages 164-172, downloads (559)
22 Lopushniak V.I.
Bortnik A.N.
Avgustinovich M.B.
Agroecological peculiarities of influence of huminic fertilizers and microbiological drug Azoter on phosphorus-potassium mode of grey podzolized soil when cultivating spring triticale
UDK: 631.8: 631.412: 631.86:633.19: 631.95 , pages 172-181, downloads (695)
23 Popovych H.B. Forming vegetative mass and yield of cucumber on a vertical trellis
UDK: 635.63:631.037, pages 181-187, downloads (651)
24 Sytnik S.A.
Maslikova K.P.
Balabak A.F.
Moroz G.Y.
Cherevashko T.M.
Silvicultural and taxation characteristics of forest stands Robinia pseudoacacia L. in conditions of the northern steppe forest vegetation zone of Ukraine
UDK: 582.736.3:630.228 (292.486), pages 187-195, downloads (1010)
25 Ushkarenko V.A.
Lavrenko S.O.
Maksimov M.V.
Economic feasibility of using different technological methods of growing lentils in the conditions of South Steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 635.658: 631.6, pages 195-202, downloads (694)
26 Khomenko S.O.
Fedorenko I.V.
Ferorenko M.V.
Rachenko O.S.
Daniuk T.A.
Assessment of spring wheat varieties for resistance to leaf fungal diseases under conditions of Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 633.11:631.527.86, pages 202-209, downloads (724)
27 Balabak A.F.
Polishchuk V.V.
Pyzhyanova A.A.
Representatives of the genus Vaccinium L. and its species diversity
UDK: 582.688.3:634.735: 634.1, pages 209-218, downloads (994)
28 Chaploutskyi A.M.
Melnyk O.V.
Parameters of apple tree crown depending on the method and period of pruning
UDK: 634.11:631.542:631.17(477.4), pages 218-224, downloads (934)
29 Krykunov I. V.
Kravets І.S.
Species composition of mites-phytophages in commercial plantings of apple trees in central Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 632.654, pages 224-231, downloads (804)
30 Makarchuk M.O. Formation of elements of the maize yield structure depending on the hybrids genotypes and growing areas
UDK: 633.15: 575.222.78: 631.527.5, pages 231-239, downloads (548)
31 Tsygoda V.S. Bioenergy potential of the agricultural sector as a prerequisite for sustainable development of Ukraine
UDK: 504.062.2:631, pages 239-245, downloads (577)
32 Klymenko N. M. Survival of Аgrobacterium radiobacter 204 strain in the rhizosphere of grapes
UDK: 631.461:634.8, pages 245-252, downloads (592)
33 Kluchevich М.М.
Plaksa V.M.
Development of mycoses of spring triticale depending on fertilization in the Western Polissia region
UDK: 633.1:632.4:631.82(477.82), pages 252-261, downloads (465)
34 Novak Zh.M.
Polianetska I.О.
Germination ability and sprouting energy of spelt samples
UDK: 633.111:631.53.02, pages 261-266, downloads (1572)
35 Shlapak V. P.
Kravets V.B.
Hedgerows of Uman NUH and ways to improve their condition
UDK: 630.27 : 631.54 (477.46), pages 266-273, downloads (542)
36 Ovcharuk A.V. Peculiarities of symbiotic productivity of kidney beans varieties depending on depth of seed placement in the conditions of Right-Bank Forest-Steppe
UDK: 635.652/.654:631.558.3, pages 273-280, downloads (465)
37 Mykolayko V.P. Evaluation of chicory root selection numbers by the chemical composition in the process of storage
UDK: 633.78:631.53.027.2, pages 280-288, downloads (509)
38 Burdenyuk-Tarasevych L.A.
Buzynny M.V.
Main mineral nutrition elements ratio impact on the yield of different winter wheat genotypes in years with contrast weather conditions
UDK: 633.11:631.51, pages 288-298, downloads (508)
39 Varlashchenko L. H. Decorative species of the genus Lonicera L. and perspectivity their use in the landscaping in the Right-bank Forest-steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 712:582.971.1:581.522.4, pages 298-305, downloads (746)