Uman NUH | today: 04/14/2024

Tretiakova S.

Uman National University of Horticulture

Academic Status
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences


#PDFTitle of ArticleJournal
1 The use of a sesame flour in a special bread technol Issue number 98. Part 1, 2021
2 Comparative analysis of the chemical composition of sesame flour for the production of special bakery products Issue number 97. Part 1, 2020
3 Perspectives of biologization of cultivation of leguminous crops in Ukraine Issue number 94. Part 1, 2019
4 Biochemical component of grain flour of different hybrids of maize and sorghum Issue number 97. Part 1, 2020
5 Nutritional value of whole grains of different varieties of sorghum Issue 100. Part 1, 2022
6 Chemical composition of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) depending on biological features of hybrids Issue number 96. Part 1, 2020
7 The influence of the duration, the method of sowing and the reduction rates on the growth and productivity of winter wheat Issue number 96. Part 1, 2020