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Agrobiological parameters of sugar sorghum varieties at different times of sowing and harvesting

Author(s) Lubych V.V., Candidate of Agricultural Science, Lecturer of Department of Technology of Storage and Processing of Grain, Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Моргун А. В., , ,
Пясецький П. І., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2023 issue Issue number 102. Part 1
pages 89-100 index UDK 631.55(9):633.179:631.526.3+631.5
DOI 10.32782/2415-8240-2023-102-1-89-100 (Link)
Abstract Aim. To study the issues regarding the formation of economic and valuable properties of sugar sorghum varieties at different sowing and harvesting time. Methods. Field, laboratory, calculation-comparative, analysis, statistical. Results. The field seed germination of Dovista variety was 72 % during the first sowing period, and 75 % during the second one. In Prysyvashskyi 85 variety, the field seed germination during the first sowing period was 70 and 72 % during the second one, respectively. In the 3rd decade of June, sugar sorghum plants did not differ in biometric parameters, except for leaf blade area. The weight of Dovista variety plants was 1.2–1.4 kg. Plant height of was 0.7–0.8 cm. Stem diameter ranged from 1.2 to 1.3 cm. The number of leaves is 6.3–6.5 pcs. And at the end of the growing season, the weight of Dovista variety was 5.9 kg, the height was 2.6 m, and stem diameter was 1.7 cm. The number of leaves was 12.2 pcs, and their area was 4125 cm2. When sown in the first decade of May, the same variety plants were 2.9 cm tall with weight of 6.0 kg, and stem diameter of 1.8 cm. In Prysyvashskyi 85 variety, when sown in the third decade of April, plant weight was 3.4 kg, plant height was 1.8 cm, the number of leaves was 7.0 pcs., and the area of their leaf blades was 3122 cm2. When sown in first decade of May, plants of the same variety had a weight of 3.8 kg, a height of 2.4 m, a diameter of 1.6 cm. The number of leaves was 7.4, and area of leaf blade was 3068 cm2. Conclusions. Productivity of sugar sorghum varieties changes reliably depending on the time of sowing and harvesting. The calendar date of the beginning of growth stages depends most on sowing time. Field seed germination is 70–75%. It was established that the largest stem diameter, the number of leaves and leaf area are the largest in the 3rd decade of August, and the weight and height of the stem - in the 2nd decade of September. The highest productivity is provided by growing Dovista variety. In the agricultural technology of Dovista sugar sorghum, sowing should be carried out from the 3rd decade of April, and harvesting of green matter – from the 3rd decade of August.
Key words sugar sorghum, productivity, growth stages, economic and valuable properties, sowing time, harvesting time, variety
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