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Technological evaluation of filbert oil depending on the variety

Author(s) Balabak O.A., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, , National arboretum "Sofiyivka"
Lubych V.V., Candidate of Agricultural Science, Lecturer of Department of Technology of Storage and Processing of Grain, Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category The Agronomy
year 2016 issue 89
pages 63-69 index UDK 634.54:631.559
Abstract The article presents the results of the study on organoleptic indicators of quality, acid-degree and iodine value of filbert oil depending on the variety. It was determined that filbert oil is characterized by the high organoleptic evaluation as it has a yellow color with a strong odor and taste inherent to filbert oil but these indicators have not been changed depending on the variety. Studies have shown that the acid-degree value of filbert oil changes significantly depending on the variety. The lowest indicator was of the Shedevr and Stepovyi varieties – 0.9 mg КОН. Filbert oil of the Lozovskyi urozhainyi, Bolgradska novinka and Dar Pavlenko varieties had the acid-degree value of 1.2 mg КОН. Although the indicator of all studied varieties was low, the oil was suitable for food. The oil received from the Shedevr variety had a low iodine value – 94 g of iodine /100 g. The oil received from the Dar Pavlenko variety had a high iodine value – 105 g of iodine /100 g or by 12% higher than of the Shedevr variety. The studied indicator of other varieties varied from 95 to 104g of iodine /100 g but their oil was semidrying. The analysis of the iodine value indicates that the unrefined filbert oil can be kept up to 5 months, while refined one up to one year. Therefore, acid-degree and iodine values of filbert oil depend considerably on the variety peculiarities. However, it is suitable for food and processing. The acid-degree value varies from 0.9 tо 1.2 mg КОН and the iodine value ranges from 94 to 105 g of iodine/ 100 g.
Key words filbert, oil, iodine value, acid-degree value.
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