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Diagnosis and PCR identification of mushrooms MVX mikovirus (Agaricus bisporus (J. Lge) Imbach)

Author(s) Ivanovа T.V., Candidate of Agricultural Science, ,
Melnychuk M.D., Ph.D., ,
Antipov I.A., Candidate of Agricultural Science, ,
Grynchuk К.V., Postgraduate, ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2013 issue Випуск №83. Частина 1
pages 63-70 index UDK 632.38:577.213/.216:635.82
Abstract The features of infection of mushrooms with MVX virus under the conditions of greenhouses on the territory of Kyiv region with the help of visual diagnostics and electron microscopy methods. Symptoms of infection by X-virus are the browning of mushroom bodies, darkening and lysis of mycelium, deformation of mashrum bodies, aquosity of legs and caps, deformation and elongation of legs and extinction of caps. Proved the role and place of the viral infection. With the help of electron microscopy in the samples of champignon discovered X-Virus and fixed bacillary bodyies of size ~ 70 nm. Performed virological monitoring of mikovirus MVX prevalence under the conditions of Kiev region. Of the 740 samples studied, in 87 were found the symptoms of champignon X-Virus. Received isolated dsRNK which was identified with PCR method, and the was studied their pathogenic properties. As a result of the analysis dsRNK selected from champignon bodies of specified the presence of viral infection. On the basis of conducted experiments is recommended to use a sample of 10 g of starting material, the amount of STE buffer for primary washing 30 ml, addition of 50% from volume of phenol, 17 ml of chloroform and 2 ml of isoamyl alcohol. This method provides high-quality of conducting diagnosis and identification of RNA-containing viruses in microscopic and edible mushrooms.
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