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The use of the effect of a heterosis in breeding of a table beet

Author(s) Kornienko S.I., Candidate of Agricultural Science, ,
Gorovaya T.K., , ,
Mitenko I.N., , ,
Stovbir O.P., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2013 issue Issue #82
pages 146-152 index UDK 631.527.5:631.527:635.11
Abstract Already offered new theoretical approaches for the selection of a table beet, based on genetic features of parental components and new combinations of existing conventional methods. Developed accelerated methods of creating varieties Eclipse, Bahrianyy, Vital. Presented teaching material concerning creation of a linear material for hybrids F1. According to the results of research, methods are offered based on the using of phenomenon of heterosis in the selection of individual controlling genes which twice shorten the selection. New ways are tested in the creation of new genotypes of lines 207 and 24 kK and varieties Diy, Crimson and Vital. It is proved that the binding of the effect of heterosis in the progeny is possible with modification of traditional methods (backcross, polycross, inbreeding, converged sibsosovoi and reciprocally-convergent selection, methods of Pedigree, Miryuta) and identifying of the genetic characteristics of parental components.
Key words table beet, heterosis, selection, method, line
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