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Features of information and communication technology market development

Author(s) Nesterchuk J. A., Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of Economics,
Синенко І. М., , ,
Category Economics
year 2023 issue Issue number 102. Part 2
pages 92-100 index UDK 004.9
DOI 10.32782/2415-8240-2023-102-2-92-100 (Link)
Abstract The article examines the features of information and communication technologies – that they cover the spectrum of information and communication technical means and methods of collecting, processing and transmitting data to obtain qualitatively new information about the state of the object, process, phenomenon, which in turn will make it possible to take an optimally useful decision or action, the characteristics of the information and communication market are given and its concepts are defined, the structure of the world information and communication market as a set of economic, legal and information relations regarding the purchase and sale of information goods or services, the volume of information technology markets in the world are considered. The information and communication market of Ukraine was studied. The Ukrainian information technology market is one of the key parts of the information and communication market, which had significant growth before the full-scale invasion. The field of information technology services entered the top three in terms of exports, the annual growth was 26 %, about 2,000 information technology service companies worked on the market, the number of specialists in this industry was more than 185 thousand, and Ukraine was also among the top 20 exporters of information technology services in the world , 2017–2021. In 2022 The IT industry provided foreign exchange earnings to the Ukrainian economy in the amount of $7.34 billion. The volume of exports increased by $400 million in comparison with pre-war 2021, the increase was 5.8 %. However, already in January 2023, revenues from IT services decreased significantly and brought in $223 million less than in December last year. There is a pattern of slowing down in the growth rate of the IT industry, the war entails negative economic consequences, the crisis economic situation in the world also affects, because resources are becoming more expensive; an artificial intelligence that (ChatGPT) writes code faster than a good programmer. All these are huge challenges for the IT industry in general in the world and in Ukraine in particular. The information and communication market of Ukraine was considered in terms of the dynamics of the share of the information technology industry in GDP, the number of specialists in the information technology industry, the export of information technology industry services, and the share of markets targeted by Ukrainian IT outsourcing.
Key words information and communication technologies, information and communication market, telecommunications, information technologies, information services
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