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Dynamics of sugar beet production in Ukraine and analysis of sugar exports

Author(s) Васильковська К. В., , ,
Андрієнко О. О., , ,
Малаховська В. О., , ,
Category Economics
year 2022 issue Issue number 100. Part 2
pages 74-84 index UDK 339.564:631.11:633:1
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2022-100-2-74-84 (Link)
Abstract World sugar production is about 200 million tons, of which about 70 % is obtained from sugar cane and 30 % from sugar beets. Despite the global trend of reducing sugar consumption and reducing the area of sugar beet cultivation, Ukraine is among the ten largest producers of sugar from sugar beet. The purpose of writing the article is to analyze the areas under root crops and the productivity of sugar beet, analyze the export potential of sugar in Ukraine, determine the relationship between gross harvest, sugar beet yield, production and export of sugar, as well as formulate recommendations for determining the effectiveness of Ukraine's exports, its capacity and opportunities to increase due to changes in climatic conditions and a decrease in the area under sugar beet crops. The article analyzes the production and yield of sugar beet in Ukraine for the period from 2000 to 2021. A comparative analysis of sugar production and its exports for the years under study was carried out. The dependence of exports on sugar production was revealed, and its share was calculated. It is determined that sugar exports have decreased in recent years. However, despite the reduction in the area under sugar beet crops by more than four times during the study period, the gross harvest does not have such a decrease due to a significant increase in the yield of root crops. This became possible due to the improvement of growing technology and the selection of sugar beet hybrids that are more adapted to climate change and resistant to rot and other diseases. The possibilities of increasing production by re-equipping obsolete factories and changing the technology of sugar production to a more energy-saving one, increasing the profitability of production, and also analyzed the possibilities of increasing sugar exports and increasing the export potential of Ukraine. So, in 2000, the area under sugar beets amounted to 855.6 thousand hectares, and in 2021 the area under root crops was only 212.6 thousand hectares. Thus, the decrease in the sown area under sugar beet for the period 2000-2021. 4.02 times. Also, in 2020, 1,134 thousand tons of sugar were produced in Ukraine, and this is the smallest figure for the study period. The decrease in sugar production occurs gradually with some fluctuations. The reasons for this decline are a decrease in sugar beet production in Ukraine and low sugar prices in the Ukrainian and world markets during the study period.
Key words sugar beets, crop area, gross harvest, yield, exports, sugar
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