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Influence of the substrate on the yield and quality of microgreens of vegetable plants

Author(s) Ваховська А. В., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2021 issue Issue number 99. Part 1
pages 169-180 index UDK 631.4:631.589.2:635.4-021.465
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2021-99-1-169-180 (Link)
Abstract Research on the effect of the substrate on growth rates, physiological and biochemical processes, yield and quality of lettuce, radish, mustard during the forcing of microgreens in greenhouses showed a positive result. For research, the generally accepted methods were used: laboratory, mathematical-statistical, physical. Evaluation of substrates for growing microgreens of lettuce, radish, mustard indicates that they are suitable for forcing in greenhouses. It was found that the duration of the growth phases of microgreens depends on the substrate. For lettuce, radish and mustard, the appearance of the root occurred on the second day. Greens were collected in 2020 for 8–10 days, in 2021 – for 7–8 days, which is influenced by the length of daylight hours and the ambient temperature. When growing microgreens of lettuce on mineral wool, the height of the plants was 4.48 cm.Radish and mustard had the tallest plants when grown on coconut substrate – 6.36 cm and 6.78 cm. The mass of 1000 pcs. plants is an important trait, which in turn determines the quality of microgreens. Maximum weight 1000 pcs. when grown on a coconut substrate, lettuce – 13.75 g, radishes – 69.61 g, mustard on mineral wool – 35.58 g. A high yield of leaf lettuce during the years of research was obtained when grown on a coconut substrate – 1.62 kg/m2, which significantly exceeded the control by 0.1 kg/m2. A high yield of radish was obtained when grown on a coconut substrate – 5.41 kg/m2, which significantly exceeds the control by 3.83 kg/m2. The mustard yield when using coconut substrate was 4.90 kg/m2, which is 3.38 kg/m2 higher than the control. Correlation analysis proves that for all the studied plants at the time of harvest, there is a direct strong relationship between the mass and its height, and its coefficient is r = 0.98.
Key words microgreens, lettuce, radish, mustard, mineral wool, coconut substrate, yield
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