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Territorial community as a subject of socio-economic development of the territory

Author(s) Холявіцька К. С., , ,
Category Economics
year 2021 issue Issue number 98. Part 2
pages 177-186 index UDK 332.33
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2021-98-2-177-186 (Link)
Abstract The article defines the theoretical foundations of the study of the association of territorial communities. The basic approaches to the definition of the essence of the notion of a territorial community are analyzed, and it is determined that it is considered as the primary subject of local self-government, which directly or indirectly participates in solving local issues. It is substantiated that the united territorial community is a community that is capable of providing adequate education, culture, health, social protection, housing and communal services for its inhabitants on the basis of socio-economic development. One of the problems that needs to be solved is the problem of perception of reforms by the inhabitants of the united territories. The results of the reform of local self-government on the basis of decentralization prove the correctness of the chosen vector of state policy, as it gave impetus to the formation of a viable and closest to the citizen institution of power — local self-government. Due to the reform, the living standards of the population and the development of cities, towns and villages are projected to increase, as the main task is the economic growth of united territorial communities. It is established that in order to improve the effectiveness of the reform of local self-government, it is necessary to ensure: revision and formation of a long-term plan for the association of territorial communities with maximum consideration of geographical, cultural, ethnic and other specifics of communities; information and explanatory support of the process of association of territorial communities; conducting training seminars for local government officials and the public on various aspects of reform.
Key words local government, united territorial community, socio-economic development, local communities, decentralization
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