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Influence of limestone ameliorants and fertilizers on the winter wheat productivity in crop rotation

Author(s) Польовий В. М., , ,
Ященко Л. А., , ,
Ровна Г. Ф., , ,
Гук Б. В., , ,
Ювчик Н. О., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2021 issue Issue number 98. Part 1
pages 58-67 index UDK 633.15:631.816:631.821.1
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2021-98-1-58-67 (Link)
Abstract The influence of mineral fertilizer (N120P60K90) with sulfur addition, and foliar dressing by micronutrients, various doses, and types of limestone ameliorants on the formation of the morphological structure and the productivity of winter wheat was shown. The aim of the research was to establish the regularities of various forms and doses of chemical ameliorants in combination with mineral fertilizers influence on the yield of winter wheat on soddy-podzolic soil in the conditions of the West Polyssia. The application of ameliorants on the background of fertilization increased the indicators of the yield structure and plants survival. The highest results were obtained by using 1,5 and 1,0 doses dolomite flour (determined by the hydrolytic acidity) in complex with S40 and foliar dressing with microfertilizer. The obtained results were ear length – 9,0 and 9,2 cm, number of grains in an ear – 41,1 and 41,4 pcs. The mass of 1000 grains were respectively 43,8 and 43,7 g. The death of plants during the vegetation season from germination to harvesting was low – 18,2 and 19,0 %. It was founded that among the studied various doses and forms of limestone ameliorants on the background of N120P60K90, the application of 1,5 doses of dolomite flour contributed to increase pHKCl by 1,93 units (initial data pHKCl 4,47) and to grow up the winter wheat productivity on soddy-podzolic soil. The highest yield a 3,9 and 4,0 t/ha were ensured by the application of 1,5 doses and 1,0 doses dolomite flour in combination with S40 and microfertilizer on the background of N120P60K90. The yield increase to the control (without fertilizers) was 2,61 and 2,71 t/ha, to the background (N120P60K90) – 1,58 and 1,68 t/ha. The addition of sulfur fertilizers (S40) and two-time foliar feeding with Nutrivant Plus Cereals (2 kg/ha) during the spring tillering phase and stem elongation provided an 8% increase in yield.
Key words chemical ameliorants, fertilizers, plant structure, productivity, winter wheat
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