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The influence of abiotic factors on formation of taste qualities of chtrry fruits

Author(s) Іванова І. Є., , ,
Сердюк М. Є., , ,
Шкіндер-Борміна Г. М., , ,
Кривонос І. А., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2020 issue Issue number 96. Part 1
pages 416-432 index UDK [634.23:551.58](477.7)
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2020-96-1-416-43 (Link)
Abstract Cherry after apple is the 2nd most common fruit in Ukraine. An important economic characteristic of the crop is the quality of the fruit. The climatic growing conditions have a decisive influence on the formation of taste qualities of fruit crops. In the context of climate change and optimization of the range of this fruit crop, the research is devoted to the study of the influence of weather factors on the taste of different cherries varieties grown in the Southern Steppe of Ukraine. The aim of our research was to establish the share of influence of weather factors and varietal characteristics on the formation of the fund of dry soluble substances, sugars, titrated acids of cherry fruits. The research was conducted during 2007–2019. The fruits of cherry varieties included in the State Register of plant varieties suitable for distribution in Ukraine were selected for the study. Namely: “Vstrecha”, “Ozhydaniie”, “Shalunia”, “Siianets Turovtsevoi”, “Hriot Melitopolskyi”, “Melitopolska purpupna”, “Modnytsia”, “Ekspromt”, “Solidarnist”, “Ihrushka”. The fruits of 10 experimental varieties were grown in the Research Fruit Growing Station named after M. F. Sydorenko, located in Melitopol district of the Zaporizhzhia region. The researches results on formation of dry soluble substances fund, sugars and titrated acids in cherry fruits of 10 experimental varieties are given. The promising varieties, from technological point of view, are allocated: on the maintenance of dry soluble substances – “Modnytsia” (17,05 %; Vp – 16,8 %), sugars – “Ozhydaniie” (11,69 %; Vp – 16,8 %), titrated acids – “Solidarnist” (1,79 %; Vp – 14,9 %). The taste qualities indicator of fruits is defined. The maximum sugar-acid index was determined in fruits of “Melitopolska purpupna” and “Modnytsia” varieties – 8,9… 9,3 RU. It was found that for all studied components of the chemical composition of cherry fruits the dominant influence on the formation of their fund had weather conditions during research years (factor A) with a share of influence – 40,8–61,9 %.
Key words cherry fruits, variety, sugar-acid index, variability, dry soluble substances, sugars, titrated acid
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