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Perspective of introduction of tropical mushroom Calocybe indica Purkay. & a. Chandra in to Ukrainian mushroom production

Author(s) Бандура И. И., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2020 issue Issue number 96. Part 1
pages 319-342 index UDK 635.8
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2020-96-1-319-342 (Link)
Abstract The new people generation looking for the possibility to make life more intensive and productive by the nutritional sources of organic food with a high level of functional substances. Mushrooms have unique biochemical compounds as ß-glucans, crude polysaccharides, proteins, and others which provide many health benefits for the human organism. The mushroom industrial production has a chance to be one of perspective and successful businesses in the world. However, growing at elevated temperature during summer season increase the cost of fresh mushrooms and this is hard for an ordinary buyer to purchase a favorite product. Therefore, our research had a purpose to study the opportunities of introducing the tropical mushroom culture C. indica P. & C. in the local condition. This species called “Dhuth Chatta” — “milky mushroom”, where it was actively grown under artificial conditions in India since 1997. Many scientists reported about easy ways to make fresh fruit bodies with simple procedures and suitable casing materials. In this study, two methods of substrate preparation and three formulas were used. The influence of substrate characteristics on the biological efficiency and carpophores' quality of C. indica was detected. The best result — 134,4 % BE was noted on the sterilized substrate with a C/N ratio approximately 36,1. The fruit bodies mass and habitus from sterilized substrates with different levels of C/N ratio did not have significant differences The carpophores from aerobic fermentation substrate had mass and cap diameter in 2 times less by comparison with technical maturity FB which obtained from sterilized substrates. All fruit bodies had an attractive shape, intense aroma, and unusual taste, with light notes of pepper. The studied strain was resistant to contaminant microbiota of substrates and growing rooms. This is the first report about successful cultivation C. indica in the artificial conditions of Ukraine.
Key words Calocybe indica, milky mushroom, industrial growing factors, habitus, biological efficiency, technological cycle.
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