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Tourism attractiveness of central Ukraine

Author(s) Tymchuk S.V., Candidate of Economics, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Neshchadym l. M., Candidate of Economic Sciences, , Uman National University of Horticulture
Sakovska E.N., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Economics
year 2019 issue Issue number 95. Part 2
pages 69-79 index UDK 338.46
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2019-95-2-69-79 (Link)
Abstract The article substantiated the influence of tourism attractiveness on the development of the region's economy. The level of tourism flows concerning the regions of the Central Ukraine was deternimed. The state of the tourism market of the regions of the Central Ukraine in the part of functioning tourism subjects, types of tourism and the purpose of travels was analyzed. The importance of tourism infrastructure development and showing of tourism attractiveness of the Central Ukraine, that will affect the increase of income part of both the population and local budgets in general was proved. Modern processes of globalization influence the development of the tourism industry in Ukraine. Unsatisfactory indicators of tourism development in some regions of Ukraine require a number of measures to strengthen the role of the state in the tourism sector and to optimize measures to ensure the development of tourism industry. It is established that the level of inbound and outbound tourism is monitored according to the data of the border service of Ukraine, but the level of domestic tourism is calculated solely according to the reports of tour operators, hotels, enterprises of the sanatorium and resort complex. However, not all of them work legally and provide accurate reporting. It is difficult to estimate its volume due to the significant shadowing of the domestic tourism market. One possibility is to use indirect data. For example, tracking the movements of mobile subscribers. From 2017 to the present, there is a boom in domestic tourism. In many settlements it became clear that a small town or village can be interesting for tourism, which in turn is an opportunity for the development of the settlement itself. In addition, towns and villages near various reservoirs are becoming a new attraction for tourists. Especially those looking for an alternative to a traditional beach holiday on the coast of the Azov and Black Seas. As decentralization involves the transfer of responsibilities and resources to the regions, the tourism industry itself has every chance to use resources and to replenish the regions. Almost all regions of Ukraine identified tourism as one of the key ways of economic development. The level of financing of tourism from local budgets increases and the level of responsibility for revenues from this sphere is increasing. Tourism is the fastest way to create jobs and, consequently, to generate budget revenues. However, the strategy of tourism development at the local level must be necessarily linked to the development strategy of the region.
Key words tourism attractiveness, tourism business, tourist trip, domestic tourism, inbound tourism, service
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