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Assessment of the quality of tubers of potatoes of varieties of different ripeness group depending on growing conditions

Author(s) Mialkovskyi R. O., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, , Podilsky State Agrarian University of Technology
Ovcharuk V.I., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, ,
Bezvikonnyy P. V., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, , Podilsky State Agrarian and Technical University
Kravchenko V. S., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category The Agronomy
year 2019 issue Issue number 94. Part 1
pages 274-284 index UDK 635.21:631.5(292.485)(045)
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2019-94-1-274-284 (Link)
Abstract The study of the influence of modern varieties on the agility of potato varieties, the terms of planting and the depth of tuber wrapping on the biochemical parameters of potato tubers in the conditions of the Right Bank Forest-steppe of Ukraine. Analysis, synthesis, generalization, field experiment. According to the results of the chemical analysis, it was found that the accumulation of the contents of dry matter and starch in potato tubers also depended on the elements of technology, weather-climatic conditions and varieties of different maturity. The highest content of dry matter was found in tubers of medium-sized potato varieties in the Divо variety – 24,56 %, and Malinskaya white 24,66 %, medium-grade varieties in the Vira variety – 24,80 %, and the reliable grade – 23,92 %. Among the varieties of the medium-late group, the Alladin and Dar variety is distinguished with an index of dry matter content in potato tubers – 24,89 % and 24,01 %. The highest content of starch in tubers among middle-aged varieties is distinguished by the Divo variety – 24,0 %, the average age of the Nadiyna – 17,6 %, and the average late Alladin – 21,2 %. For agricultural production, not only the absolute content in the tubers of this or that compound, which determines the nutritional value of the potatoes, but also the yield, or its collection from one hectare, is important. Thus, on average, in the years of research, the collection of starch from one hectare among the midrange varieties of the Divo variety amounted to 10,28 t/ha, medium-grained – the grade Nadiyna – 6,13 t/ha, medium late – grade Dar – 6,89 t/ha. This yield is greatly influenced by the yield, the biological properties of the variety and the environmental factors of the vegetation period of the plants. At the same time, the highest efficiency is provided by varieties that are characterized not only by the high content of starch, but also do not react with its sharp decrease in the deviation of the weather conditions of the year from the average age. In the varieties of the middle-aged group, the content of ascorbic acid was 16,41 mg %, in the average varieties was 17,76 mg %, in the late-sorts – 15,22 mg %, respectively. The lowest content of vitamin C in potato tubers was observed in late-sorts – 15,23 mg %, which is 1,20 mg % lower than in the middle ages.
Key words potato, variety, length of planting, depth of tuber wrapping, yield.
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