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On the issue of scientific bases for the storage of crop products

Author(s) Kovalov V. B., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, ,
Derebon I. Yu., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2019 issue Issue number 94. Part 1
pages 35-42 index UDK УДК 664:633/635
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2019-94-1-35-42 (Link)
Abstract The article contains an analysis of scientific principles of storage crop production, developed by J. Ya. Nikitinsky. Storage of crop production with minimal losses of mass and quality is possible only with a perfect understanding of the scientific principles of conservation, which are based on fundamental theoretical developments and practical experience. However, after developing the principles of storage was over 100 years - a period for which significantly increased the level of development of industries for processing and storage of crop products. So, during this time, new modern synthetic materials, used in the form of containers, which ensure the improvement of the quality of storage, created modern fumigants for use in warehouses, were widely developed, the use of several factors of storage of crop products, etc., was widely used. Therefore, there was a need for revision and as a consequence of the modernization of the classification of principles for the storage of crop production. In the course of research, the general scientific method was used. As a result of the conducted researches it was established that characterizing, for example, the principle of eubbiosis of the bios principle, it is necessary to characterize the products that are found on plants before their direct harvesting and that which is already collected and ready for processing (grain for current). The sequence of placement of sub principles and the necessity of introducing new additional categories into certain principles of classification is substantiated. Thus, the technology of xeroanabiosis and narcobiosis by partial or complete dehydration of the product and the use of anesthetic substances can completely preserve the biophysiological properties of the products. Therefore, perhaps the principle of drug addiction should be placed after xeroanabiosis. In the principle of anabiosis, it is necessary to introduce the principle of alcohol anabiosis, which is the possibility of certain products can be stored in alcohol without loss of vitamins and amino acids. Summary data on the improvement of the classification of principles are presented in Table. The specified scheme of storage principles is proposed for discussion, additions and final editions for use in production and educational process.
Key words storage, processing, scientific basis, classification, biosis, anabiosis, abioz, cenonabiosis.
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