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Production problems in Ukraine beef

Author(s) Semenda D. K., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Semenda O. V., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Economics
year 2017 issue Issue number 90. Part 2
pages 187-195 index UDK 338.43:636.033
Abstract Having analyzed the state of beef production it is determined that it is necessary to introduce the latest technologies in the breeding and fattening of young cattle for further successful development of the agricultural enterprises of various forms of ownership and private farms of the population of Ukraine. This requires the creation of a stable fodder base, which fully provide the population with qualitative and complete feed during the year. The introduction of a nursing method of breeding calves up to 6 months of age will give an opportunity to increase average daily gains of up to 900-1200 g. The reduction in the duration of feeding will reduce production costs and improve production profitability. Taking into account the period of the technological cycle of production of beef 20-24 months, it is necessary to introduce state support for livestock production, it will give the opportunity to restore the population, to create large specialized enterprises.
Key words cattle production, beef, production of calves for feeding, food, purchasing capacity, beef market, efficiency, profitability
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