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Improvement of introduced clones of Sauvignon Green variety in the south of Ukraine

Author(s) Mynzul A.N., postgraduate, , Odessa State Agrarian University
Khrenovskov E.I., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, , Odessa State Agrarian University
Category The Agronomy
year 2016 issue Випуск №89. Частина 1
pages 206-214 index UDK 634.862:634.1:631.527:634.1.004.12(477.7)
Abstract The article presents the results of two years of studies on the development, productivity and quality of clones of Sauvignon Green grape variety. Also, it presents the comparative characteristics of agricultural and biological peculiarities and indicators on the quality of grape yield and wine-making material. The studies found that the most productive clone of Sauvignon Green grape variety is R-5 in the vineyards of South of Ukraine. It is chosen on the basis of a stable and high yield of a good quality. And clones R-357 and R-320 are characterized by the wine-making material of a good quality.
Key words grapes, variety, clone, introduction, productivity, quality of the wine-making material, degustation evaluation.
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