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90 years since the founding of Department of Livestock Production

Author(s) Sonko S.P., Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Head of the Department of Environment and Life Safety, Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Dubin A.M., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Vasylenko O.V., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category The Agronomy
year 2016 issue 89
pages 251-258 index UDK 378:636(091)
Abstract In the first period of reorganization (1868–1878) the Main School of Horticulture was turned into Uman School of Agriculture and Horticulture and there were additional courses which were taught in agricultural colleges. According to the new approved “Regulations on agricultural schools”, Statute, the courses of livestock production and veterinary science were included into the curriculum. The students of the School attended lectures as well as had practical tasks in laboratories in general and specialized animal production, bee-keeping and silk worm production. A beeyard played an important role in the training of students in bee-keeping. Also, it was a decisive reason for granting support on preferential terms for beekeepers of the southern Ukraine and Russia in the development of new frame beehives and spreading seeds of nectariferous crops. Since 1907, beekeeping and silk worm production was taught by I.I. Korabliov. He was a renowned scholar in the field of beekeeping and silk worm production, the author of numerous textbooks, monographs in these disciplines and he was promoted to a professor and worked at this position till 1951 in Uman Agricultural Institute. I.I. Korabliov is known for designing a beehive with narrow-high reversible frame in a standard size. Department of Livestock Production became a separate unit in 1926. The first heads of this Department played an important role in its organization and establishment (P.I. Novoseltsev, I.P Barysh, and later assistant professor M.F. Belskyi). Over modern times, Department was headed by professors F.A. Yurkov, Yu.M. Shylo, M.H. Lanovska and associate professors M. Ya Mishkurov, O.F. Honcharov, P.P. Prylutskyi and I.M. Hurskyi. During this period educational materials in the course “Technology of livestock production”, textbook “Animal breeding”, teaching medium “Animal breeding, tips for farmers” and “Practical guide in beekeeping” were published. September 15, 2008 Department was reorganized into Department of Ecology and Life Safety. Since its foundation and up Department has been headed by Serhii Petrovych Sonko, PhD in Geography, Professor. His Ph.D. thesis and thesis for a doctor’s degree were devoted to environmental problems in agriculture. Department of Ecology and Life Safety is striving to be worthy of its history.
Key words department, livestock production, beeyard, silk worm production, breed.
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