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The directions of providing a financial security strategy of agricultural enterprises

Author(s) Nesterchuk J. A., Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of Economics,
Melnyk К. М., , ,
Category Economics
year 2016 issue 88
pages 39-48 index UDK 330.342:631.16
Abstract In the absence of financial security agricultural enterprises have no chance to provide their commercial and financial security with financial resources. There is no way for such companies to invest in the real and financial sectors, meet their obligations to the budget and counterparties ( customers, banks, insurance institutions).Thus achieving financial security is a current goal for owners, managers and agricultural staff. The purpose of this article is assessing the level of financial security and developing science-based ways and directions on implementation of the financial security of agricultural enterprises. The methods of studying are abstract, logical, empirical, index, factor analysis as well as a systematic approach to problem solving. The financial security of an enterprise includes: a high level of security and self-sufficiency of its finances; financial sustainability and independence. It can be primarily seen in the ability to provide the control of own resources and development based on efficient implementation and innovation policy. Financial activities of agricultural enterprises of Vinnytsia region (2009-2013) provide simple reproduction of the conditions but with some negative trends (according to the integral rate of the financial security). With the purpose of providing the financial security of agricultural enterprises, constant monitoring is necessary. It is also very important to respond quickly to change, learn the patterns and causes of deviations from the critical point of a satisfactory assessment in terms of financial security and take measures to improve the efficiency of financial and economic activity. In order to create an efficient investment environment, improve and ensure transparency of the budget process, improve the regulatory framework the intervention into the financial and banking system is essential.
Key words financial security, threats, risks, system of providing financial security, financial interests.
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