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Influence estimation of combined effect of predecessors and fertilizers on sowing qualities and yielding properties of millet seeds

Author(s) Poltoretskiy S.P., Candidate of Agricultural Science, professor, Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category The Agronomy
year 2014 issue Випуск №84. Частина 1
pages 44-53 index UDK 633.16:631.582:631.8:631.53.02
Abstract Studying the influence of predecessors and peculiarities of mineral nutrition was previously considered from the point of view of obtaining a high level of commodity grain yield without influence on the formation of qualitative indicators of seed. Therefore, a comprehensive comparative estimation of influence of these factors on sowing qualities and yield properties of millet seeds is relevant and is of practical importance. The aim of the research was to improve elements of technology of growing high-quality seeds of millet by selecting predecessors that will provide improvement of yielding properties of millet seeds in conditions of unstable moistening of southern Right-Bank Forest of Ukraine. It is determined that the most valuable seeds with high vigor and vitality are formed after fertilized peas and winter wheat, after which millet is sown on fertilized ground.
Key words millet, seeds, predecessor, fertilizers, sowing qualities, yielding properties
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