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Resistance to phytopathogens obtained using the method of chemical mutagenesis on winter wheat

Author(s) Eiges N.S., , ,
Volchenko G.A., , ,
Volchenko S.G., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2013 issue Випуск №83. Частина 1
pages 135-145 index UDK 631.528.2.23.582.28
Abstract Presented a branch of mutation breeding - chemical mutagenesis with regard to create a sustainable material to phytopathogens - mutants, constant hybrids, mutants with wild-origin varieties. Different ways of creating designs and varieties are analyzed which are resistant and complex resistant to different pathogens, as well as the time preservation of the stability depending on the type of pathogen and ways of creating sustainability. By the method of chemical mutagenesis by IA Rapoport was created a large collection of mutants of winter wheat. 12 – 14% of them are examples and varieties which are resistant to different types of phytopathogens. Expressed the view that the genotypic diversity of resistant varieties and ways of their placement to overcome epiphytoties. Special attention is paid to the complex stability to 2 – 3 and more phytopathogens.
Key words chemical mutagenesis, resistance to phytopathogens - monogenic, polygenic, complex.
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