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The mobilization of genetic resources of horticultural crops in the South of Central Siberia

Author(s) Duskabilova Т.I., Candidate of Agricultural Science, ,
Duskabilov Т., Candidate of Agricultural Science, ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2013 issue Випуск №83. Частина 1
pages 84-89 index UDK 634.2:631.526
Abstract In the South of Central Siberia carried out the assessment of the gene pool of the apricot and steppe cherry. For the selection was given out the sources of economic-valuable features — high frost-resistance, productivity, quality of fruits. Determined the microzones favourable for the cultivation of stonecrops. For the production recommended new varieties of apricot Anniversary of Khakassia, Slamatov Memory, grade-stock MGA-1.
Key words apricot, steppe cherry, selection, micro-zoning, grade, the South of Central Siberia.
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