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The variability of morphological features in Savoy cabbage

Author(s) Zhuk O.Y., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, ,
Fedosiy I.A. , Candidate of Agricultural Science, ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2013 issue Випуск №83. Частина 1
pages 89-93 index UDK 635.343:517.951
Abstract Most of the sources of literature devoted to the study of the variability of traits of white cabbage. However, this question for the savoy cabbage is poorly lit. An object of this research was to study the varieties and hybrids limits of variability of morphological characteristics and the degree of variation. This will improve the uniformity and stability of varieties and hybrids of different maturity groups, which will provide a chorus of heads ripening and the use of mechanized harvesting. Based on the calculations indicated a slight variation in plant height at the level of rosette in all varieties and hybrids. A similar pattern on the coefficient of variation persisted in the index — height of the plants at the level of heads – the highest it was in the varieties Abervilers (9.4%) and Forbote (7.8%). Concerning the size of leaf rosette the difference between minimum and maximum levels of symptoms in varieties Dasti S Glovanni, Chieftain Savoy and Forbote was — 8.8, 8.4, and 8.2 cm. Coefficient of variation of all varieties and hybrids expressed a low level of variability of this trait independently of the assortment — 4.2 – 7.9%. The coefficient of correlation between the duration of the period from germination to the formation of heads and rosette diameter was r = 0,56. Similarly it was between the size of leaf rosette and the duration of the period to the technical maturity (r = 0,54). The increase of the coefficient of variation of the rosette diameter reduces the variability of the number of leaves (r = -0,60).
Key words Savoy cabbage, variety, hybrid, morphological features, coefficient of variation, plant height, diameter of the rosette, number of leaves.
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