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Phenological stages of growth and development of the common bean plants and their duration in the Western Forest-steppe

Author(s) Ovcharuk V.I., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, ,
Ovcharuk A.V., Candidate of Agricultural Science, ,
Bilyk T.L., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2013 issue Issue number 83, part 1
pages 34-38 index UDK 636.652/654:631.531.048
Abstract Plant growth and development, and the formation of their productivity are important indicators of the production process of agricultural crops, including common bean. Duration of the main development phases of kidney bean studied by conventional methods. Faster young growth appeared in the variety Rainbow - on the eleventh day, in all other varieties, young growth noticed on 2 – 3 days later, and the varieties of Dnepryanka, Dvadesyatnitsya, Pearl and Generous — on 14 days from sowing. Such a long period of germination is due to dry weather conditions in the second - third decade of May. Our observations show that the onset of flowering is independent of germination, particularly in varieties of Rainbow, Dvadesyatnitsya and Generous it was observed on the 32 day , in Pearl — on 31, and the longest period - 35 days was observed in variety Suddenness. These varieties are middle ripe. Also, conducted research have found that the length of the growing period of the kidney bean is more dependent on the period of germination - the technical maturity ( ) and young growth — blossom ( ).
Key words kidney bean, variety, mass young growth, flowering, technical ripeness.
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