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The effectiveness of fertilizer in cultivation technology of malting barley in Western Steppe

Author(s) Kirienko A.S., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2013 issue Issue number 83, part 1
pages 70-75 index UDK 631.816; 631.87
Abstract Under the conditions of market relations economic assessment of certain agricultural practices is a high priority. This especially concerns growing technology of crops, including malting barley. For the growing technology of malting barley after winter rape, straw of which is left in the field as a fertilizer, it is necessary to determine the efficiency of doses of fertilizer, especially nitrogen, precursors by-products and the use of drugs of nitrogen-fixing activity. We used the general scientific and special methods. The main method of research was the field method, which is complemented by standard assays in agriculture, crop production, economics and statistic methods. Adding of fertilizers provided the highest conditionally net income for the variety Gonar at 94 – 662 UAH / ha more than in the variant without fertilization, where it reached the level of 2661 – 3122 UAH / ha, with reduced profitability at 30 – 62%. The maximum decrease of measures of the economic efficiency for grades Gonar and Caesar when making N60R80K120 where the N30 was made at the IV stage of organogenesis, as grain for their quality parameters applied to the III class and was unfit for brewing. To sort Gonar maximum conditionally net income 3323 – 3578 UAH / ha, ensured import of rates N30Р40K60. To sort Caesar maximum figure was on the control and amounted 3295 – 3549 UAH/ha. When growing malting barley the determining factor of its effectiveness is the reaction of varieties on certain technological methods. The highest conditionally net income of grade Gonar — 3578 UAH / ha provided the seed treatment by azotobacterin and making N30R40K60. In the variety Caesar, despite the formation of higher grain yield compared to the grade Gonar, the response to factors fertilizer was sent to the deteriorating quality of grain brewing, which was the reason for the decline of economic efficiency indicators.
Key words brewing barley, varieties, fertilizer, yield, economic efficiency.
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