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A comparison of the biochemical parameters of winter triticale hybrid offsprins of the second generation with the parent form

Author(s) Fomenko L.A., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2013 issue Випуск №82. Частина 1
pages 67-74 index UDK 633.112
Abstract The purpose of the research is to compare in the biochemical parameters of 11 combinations of second generation of winter triticale and their parental forms. The research was carried from 2009 to 2011 in the NSC “Institute of Agriculture of NAAS”, department of winter wheat selection and primary seed. Biochemical parameters was determined by infrared irradiation on grain analyzer Infratec 124. With engaging in crossbreeding of variety samples with low or average quality of grain (Sharm, Kornet, Avangard, Conveyer, Soyuz, Amur, Don) there is a great possibility of acquiring forms with low quality grain. Thus, indicator of protein content of F2 from crossing Sharm / Soyuz, Amur / Avangard, Valentyn 90/ Kornet, Conveyer / Sorrento, ADM 11 / Sharm and gluten content in hybrids F2 from crossing Sharm / Souz, Amur / Avangard, Valentyn 90 / Kornet, Conveyer / Sorrento, ADM 11 / Sharm is getting gradually worse and approaching to the worse from the parental forms. Our research confirms literature data that increased protein content doesn’t mean high quantity and quality of gluten. For example hybrid F2 from crossing Conveyer × Sorrento, indicator of protein content was 14,6% with gluten content - 24,2%, and its parental form — variety Conveyer in comparing with crossing combination had appropriate level of protein content and higher level of gluten — 28,2%, Sorrento variety has formed higher protein content (17,7%), and gluten (29,1%) at the level of Conveyer variety. During the Zeleny test and identification of SDS-Sedimentation was detected variation from 34,9 to 66,1 ml and from 25 to 40 ml. In general there is the tendency of decreasing quality indicators with engaging in crossing process varieties with low or average quality. In the second generation of hybrids were identified next combinations: ADM11 / Conveyer, Valentine 90/ Kornet, Kornet / Purple, which significantly exceeded the parental forms for complex parameters such as protein content, gluten and sedimentation levels.
Key words triticale, biochemical indices, protein, gluten, test Zeleni, sedimentation.
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