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Creating of sterility fixers of winter rye CMS system of Ratra type

Author(s) Pariy F.N., Sc.D., Professor,
Ryabovol Y.S., , postgraduate, Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category The Agronomy
year 2013 issue Випуск №82. Частина 1
pages 57-61 index UDK 631.527.581.143:633.14
Abstract The article presents the mainstreams of conducting breeding of winter rye in Ukraine. Noted the necessity of domestic hybrids formation. Defined the important role of cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) in heterosis breeding of the given crop. Specified the necessity of using of hybrid material in breeding scheme while creating sterility fixers. Reflected transfer mechanisms of rf-gene of hybride on the N-plasma of the sort by means of hand-castration and interbreeding of castrated material. The initial forms for interbreeding served domestic varieties and manufactured hybrids. The results of the research of creating of fixers of winter rye sterility are presented. The possibility of creating of sterility fixers using domestic donor material was proved. As a result of the research the fixers of winter rye was created by means of transfer of rf-gene of hybrides on the normal plasma of domestic varieties. Forms 86 – 1, 92 – 1, 78 – 4, 10 – 3, 17 – 3, which are on 100% fixing the sterility of the maternal form were picked out.
Key words winter rye, hybrid, sterility fixer, raw material
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