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Variability of combinational ability for productivity of pollinators for the selection of triploid hybrids with adaptive potential

Author(s) Korneeva M.O., Ph.D., ,
Маtsuк М.B., , ,
Chемеrys L.N., , ,
Nаvrоtsка Е.E., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2013 issue Випуск №82. Частина 1
pages 140-145 index UDK 633.63:631.52
Abstract The need to study the stability of the genetic parameters dictated by the need to create highly adaptive hybrids of sugar beet. Variability of combinational ability depending on the conditions of the year was studied on top cross hybrids by crossing MS lines and three tetra fetus pollinators. Defined effects GCA and the SCA and their manifestation depending on the conditions of a year of studies, the phenotypic structure of the variability of the collection of sugar is analyzed. Allocated pollinator 1019 (4) and the line of MS 1033 with high adaptive capacity and hybrids 1433/1019(4), 1434/1019 (4) and 1482/1038(4) with high collection of sugar (7,5–7,6 t/ha).
Key words productivity of pollinators, MS line, combinational ability, variability, sugar beet.
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