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Yield of early ripened potato depending on the application of plant growth regulators

Author(s) Vorobyova N.V., Postgraduate, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category The Agronomy
year 2013 issue Випуск №82. Частина 1
pages 130-135 index UDK 635.21:635 – 1/ – 2
Abstract To obtain high, sustainable and qualitative early ripened potato yields in the literature recommended to use the plant growth regulators for enhancing the growth and development. The aim of research was to study ways of improving the efficiency of the processing of an early potato tubers and plant growth regulators to develop technological measures to improve its productivity. The object of research is the main technological methods in early ripened potato production in the conditions of Forest-steppe of Ukraine. Results obtained using the conventional field and laboratory methods on the basis of the field experiment and biochemical laboratory analyzes. Found that early ripened potato yields changed accordingly to the weather conditions in the years of research and application of plant growth regulators. According to the results of research in the conditions of Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine we recommend to grow early ripened potato of the variety Red Scarlet with the treatment of tubers by plant growth regulators Emistim C, Gumifild and Gumi +, which allows you to get additionally 2,1 – 3,4 t/ha.
Key words early ripened potato, plant growth regulators, plant height, number of stems, yields.
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