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Features of seeds produce of decorative kale.

Author(s) Zhuk O.Y., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, ,
Zhuk V.E., Candidate of Agricultural Science, ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2013 issue Випуск №82. Частина 1
pages 125-130 index UDK 631.53.01:635.34:635.9
Abstract Questions of seeds produce of decorative kale highlighted insufficiently in the literature. In the process of the research the task was to investigate the basic methodological questions and some elements of technology of decorative kale seeds cultivation using only exposed soil conditions both for growing seedlings and queen cells and seeds. The results of studies helped us to establish the benefits of a sparse placement of plants in the row. Acounting of seed yield makes it possible to affirm that this index is significantly higher comparing with more thickened placement of seed plants 70 × 40 and 70 × 50 cm. A variety Enchantress received 503 – 510 kg / ha of seeds, Belle Borovskaya — 497 – 512 kg / ha against the scheme 70 × 60 cm — 470 and 465 kg / ha accordingly. Under such conditions, the productivity of a single plant was rather lower, but the seed yield per unit of area increased significantly due to a larger number of plants on the layouts of 70 × 40 and 70 × 50 cm An important advantage of the thickened planting is the increase of number of seeds in overall weight, of predominantly midle fraction. Seed germination, depending on the variants of studies did not differ significantly.
Key words decorative kale, seeds produce, variety, seed, yield
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