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The quality of seed of different years of vegetation depends from the period of its storage

Author(s) Дрига В. В., , ,
Doronin V. A.,, doctor of agricultural sciences, , Institute of Bioenergetic Cultures and Sugar Beet NANA
Кравченко Ю. А., , ,
Доронін В. В., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2023 issue Issue number 103. Part 1
pages 77-85 index UDK 633.179: 631. 53.01:631.559
DOI 10.32782/2415-8240-2023-103-1-77-85 (Link)
Abstract Inadequate supply of our country with its own traditional energy carriers obliges us not only to use them economically, but also to look for new alternative sources of energy. One of the most promising perennial plants for the production of biofuel is millet – switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.), the main advantages of which are relatively high yields, low water and nutrient requirements, reliable productivity over a wide geographical area, reduced soil erosion, carbon sequestration and improved natural habitats. Therefore, the purpose of the research was to find out the influence of conditions and the long term of seed storage of different growing seasons on its germination energy and germination. Methods: laboratory, measuring and weighing, mathematical and statistical analisis. The results. It was found out that during five years of storage of non-calibrated rod-shaped millet seeds of different growing years of the crop, but of one year of harvest, there was no reliable and regular increase in its energy of germination and germination. On average, over five years of vegetation, these indicators were at the control level and even slightly lower. Similar results were obtained for the storage of seeds collected from plants of different growing seasons. No natural increase in germination energy and seed germination was found depending on the storage period of seeds of different growing seasons. Thus, during the storage of seeds collected from plants sown in 2016 (after three years), the energy of germination at the beginning of the experiment was 74 %, after five years of storage it was 77 %, and from plants sown in 2011 (after eight years) this indicator was 87 % and 84 %, respectively. During five years of storage, the indicator of germination energy sometimes decreased, then increased, but there was no regular change. Conclusions. During the storage of seeds collected from plants of different growing seasons for five years, no significant increase in their energy of germination and germination was found. A regular increase of these indicators was observed only in seeds collected from plants that were sown in 2009 - the 10th year of vegetation
Key words cultivar sample, germination energy, germination, sowing year
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